Sunday, December 22, 2013 video- Mahopac Library multi-author event on December 7th

Hello everyone!

I wanted to include the multi-author event I attended on December 7th at the Mahopac Library in Mahopac, New York.  Here is the video where we all spoke about our books!  Have a great week!

Leslie M. Jasper

February 3rd @7pm- East Fishkill Community Library Book Talk

Hello everyone!

I want to wish everyone (those who celebrate) a happy holiday and a great new year!  I wanted to let you know about my next book signing.  It will be held on February 3rd at 7pm at:

East Fishkill Community Library

348 Route 376

Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

845-221-9943 x225

Come by and say hello!!  Any other updates, I will be sure to let you know! 

Here are some people who purchased my book at the Poughkeepsie book signing! Fellow retired electricians!!

Leslie M. Jasper

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mahopac multi-author Book Signing- A Success!!

Hello everyone!

I would like to first acknowledge the blog traffic from Europe! I thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.  Please spread the word about my book!

I attended a multi-author book signing at the Mahopac Library in Mahopac, New York on Saturday December 7, 2013 from 1-4pm.  About 33 authors attended this event.  The authors each got to speak about their books.  It was taped for a local New York Comcast television show to air in a few weeks. 

Here is the link for the Let's Talk Writing and events I will be involved in:

I will be taping an episode of Let's Talk Writing on December 17th with host, Vinny T. Dacquino.  It will be aired on a New York local Comcast television channel sometime in December/January and as a YouTube video.  I will provide the link when it becomes available.

I also scored my first New York newspaper article interview with The Examiner News.  I will be meeting with columnist, Bill Primavera, soon to do a news article on my book.   When I get the link for that, I will let you know. 

Here are some local authors I have supported their venture as they have supported mine! Their books can be found on Amazon as well!!

My next book signing will be at the LaGrange Library on December 18th from 630-730pm.  It is a library up in Dutchess County, New York.  Please stop by and say hello!  I thank everyone for reading my blog. Share the news and have a great weekend!

Leslie M. Jasper

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Book Signings in December!!

Hello Everyone!

I had a great time talking to people about my book at the Gardiner Library up near New Paltz, New York.  My next two book signings will be locally as well.

Multi-author (30 authors) event at the Mahopac Library Sat. December 7th from 1-4pm
668 Route Six
Mahopac, NY 10541
Phone: 845/628.2009
Fax: 845/628.0672
Michele Capozzella, Director

Book Talk at:
LaGrange Library
Wed. Dec. 18th at 630pm
488 Freedom Plains Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
(845) 452-3141

Feel free to stop by and say hello!  Thanks again for reading my blog!

Leslie M. Jasper

Amazon Book Link:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Construction Tales- First Television Appearance!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to give an update about two new events happening soon!  I have been invited by author, Vincent T. Dacquino, to attend a taped interview for my book.  The show will be taped on December 17, 2013 and should be aired 2-3 weeks afterwards.  It will also be available for viewing on  Of course, when it becomes available, I will be providing the link and information.  I have also been invited, by Mr. Dacquino, to attend the multi-author event taking place at the Mahopac Library in Mahopac, New York.  I will be displaying my book with 30 other authors on December 07, 2013 from 1-4pm.  Feel free to stop by if you live in the area!

Here is a link to Mr. Dacquino's website:

Here is the link to the Let's Talk Writing Television series:

There are some other irons in the fire.  I look forward to exploring other avenues that present themselves!  Stay tuned! Thanks for reading to my U.S. readers and those viewing my blog from Europe!

Leslie M. Jasper

Available worldwide on Amazon (paperback/Kindle), Barnes&Noble (paperback/Nook), and iTunes!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 30, 2013 Book Signing- Gardiner Library

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I wrapped up my virtual book tour.  Different blogs were gracious and hosted my book.  My next book signing will be at the:

Gardiner Library
133 Farmer's Turnpike
Gardiner, NY 12525
(845) 255-1255

I look forward to signing and speaking to readers about my book!  I wish everyone a great holiday coming up (for those who celebrate)!! I will keep you posted on other book signings and events!
I would like to say hello to people reading my blog in different parts of Europe!  Please share my book info with your friends and family! You should be able to purchase Construction Tales worldwide on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.  I was trying to work on worldwide distribution for iTunes as well.  Thanks and have a great day!

Leslie M. Jasper

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last Day of Virtual Book Tour- Blog Spots for my Book!!

Hello All!

As promised, here is my book stops today on the virtual book tour hosted by! Thanks for reading! Cheers! Leslie M. Jasper

Only God Can Make a Tree Write Up:

Deal Sharing Aunt post:

Interview with 4Covert2Overt:

Black Coffee, Brown Cow spotlight:

BK Walker Books Spotlight:

Construction Tales Book Review from

Hello everyone!

Today is the last day of my virtual book tour hosted by

My book was read and reviewed on the Bikers With Books blog at:

Review of Construction Tales: Volume I
by Burt Morgret

"From working in the construction industry for over 20 years, I know first hand how difficult it is for a women in this industry. Men in this field don't make it easy for women, and many don't recognize women as an equal in this line of work.

As a business owner, I've hired women and know the difficulties Jasper faced proving herself. I was touched by her strength and endurance, not only in her work life, but personal as well.

Jasper did a great job of pulling the reader in with such great detail that you could literally visualize how each situation was playing out. You can't help but to be sucked into the story, and she envokes emotion which I was like I was there with her.

I really enjoyed this book and if you love true stories, if you're in the construction industry, or if you just like reading, you're going to enjoy it too. Highly recommended."

Thanks for reading! The book is available on Amazon (Kindle/paperback), Barnes & Noble (Nook/paperback), and iTunes as an iBook!  Have a great night!
Leslie M. Jasper

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Virtual Book Tour Continues!!

Hello everyone!

Here are a few locations that are spotlighting my book Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrician.  The first stop is at:

3 Partners in Shopping Blog:

The Daily Mayo:

The Avid Reader:

Writing Innovations:

BK Walker Books Interview:

There is one more day of interviews and reviews! Stay tuned and I will post them tomorrow! Thanks to readers from the U.S. and Europe for checking out my blog.  I am very grateful.  The book is available in Kindle/paperback on Amazon, Nook/paperback for Barnes & Noble, and an iBook on iTunes! Thanks and have a great day!

Leslie M. Jasper

Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Reviews/Interviews During my Virtual Book Tour!!

Hi everyone!

Shout out to blog readers from the United States and Europe! I am excited to see alot of blog readers from the Ukraine and Germany!!  France also has a strong presence as well! I thank you so much and please share the news of my book that is available worldwide on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

My interview with Mass Musings:

Into the Land of Books Review:

A review from Lori's Reading Corner:

Bikers With Books Review:

Review with Brooke Blogs:

There will be more reviews tomorrow on the book. Thanks for checking out my blog and have a great day/evening!


Leslie M. Jasper

Virtual Book Tour Cafe Book Tour- Going on Now! (November 17-20th)

Register for my online chat and virtual book tour! Enter to WIN as well!!

I did an online interview with BK Walker Books and with MCV Egan.  Check it out! I am looking forward to hearing from readers! I signed a matchbook deal with Amazon.  I believe that a paperback purchase will get you the Kindle version for $2.99.  Check it out on  The book can be shipped all over the world.  It is available on Nook and Kindle worldwide!  It is available on Amazon Europe, India, China, and other parts of the globe.  If you can't get it, reach out to me and I will make it happen.  Shout out to the different countries in Europe; especially Germany!! :)  I thank you for reading my blog!  Have a good start to the work week!

Leslie M. Jasper

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blog Posts for Virtual Book Tour November 17-20th

Hello everyone,
I am gearing up for my first online virtual book tour experience with this weekend from November 17-20th.  Here are the 3 blogs I have prepared in order to chat with potential readers.  Register on the Virtual Tour Cafe website for a chance to win and to chat with me about the book. I welcome questions and curiosity.  I work as a female electrician for the past 18 years in New York, US.  I have lots of funny jobsite stories and a unique perspective on work and life in general.  I hope to hear from readers online soon! Have a good day!

Leslie M. Jasper

10 Things Reader's Would Be Surprised To Know About You

1.       I grew up on the southern Oregon coast in a town called Coos Bay, Oregon.  I joined and entered the military two weeks after I graduated from high school.

2.       There is a plaque that is still up on the wall in the gym announcing that I still hold the record for bench pressing the most as a female.  Apparently, no high school student has broken that record yet. 

3.       Due to being 17 years old, my dad had to give consent for me to join the U.S. Navy.  I learned that I was mechanically inclined from taking the ASFAB exam.  My two choices at the military processing center was to either become a construction electrician in the Seabees or an airplane mechanic on an aircraft carrier.

4.       I won the ironwoman challenge title in U.S. Navy bootcamp out of 87 other women in my company.  I was on the rifle team as well.

5.       I played the trumpet from 5th grade up to 11th grade.  I changed high schools my senior year so I decided to not play my last year. I had consumed myself with practicing and taking it very seriously in middle and high school.

6.       Despite being a construction worker, I am a very laid back and easy going person.  I don’t like to get worked up about things or stress on them too hard.

7.       I am a single woman and rather old fashioned when it comes to dating.  I like to date one guy at a time and prefer for him to make the moves and pursue me.  I have no interest in dating fellow construction workers.  I prefer to date men in a totally different field.

8.       I married a man from the U.S. Marines while we were stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  We married and relocated to New York.  He died in a motorcycle accident 3 days before my birthday and I buried him on my 21st birthday.

9.       I can actually say I worked while pregnant in a trench spinning rigid pipe.  I did not tell anyone I was pregnant until I was almost 6 months along.  I worked outside in January until I was 31 weeks along back in 2005.  My coworkers thought I was crazy and had a lot of respect for me due to my strength and determination to not quit.

10.   I have owned a house since I was 20 years old.  I have demolished almost every wall in the house.  I do my own framing, sheetrock, electrical, and painting.  I do not like to mess with cement or taping.  Everything else is fair game.

How Do You Keep Your Writing Different

My writing is different because my experiences in life are unique from most people.  I work as a female electrician in a trade that is dominated by men.  I am accustomed and think, at times, like men more so than women.  The men that I work with are straight forward and say what is on their mind.  That way of thinking is transferred into my writing as well.  Due to the daily exposure to men and their different personalities, I have a great understanding of what makes men function.  My book tells the reader about how difficult it was to first enter the construction field.  I was not welcomed with open arms.  I pushed on and did what I needed to do despite that and never gave up.  I have had to work through a lot of negative energy and pressure to perform my job over the years. 

This has helped to shape how I work and think as well.  By most standards, I am workaholic and tie in one’s character to their work ethic.  In my book, I speak about my analysis of how different type of people are treated in a construction work environment.  This can be the slacker, go-getters, minorities, and women.  I also talk about the mentality of the average construction worker in my book.  Most people I work with push the envelope and do as they wish. 

I have a difficult time sugar coating anything I say since I am used to being able to be honest and direct at work.  My honest and direct approach seeps into my writing as well.  Due to my years of working around men, I refuse to complain about anything and maintain a positive attitude.  They would be expecting me to complain about conditions.  I know this to be true so I refuse to discuss jobsite issues at work.  I’d rather hear my co-workers complain about issues amongst themselves.  I did speak about my challenges I encountered during my apprenticeship in the book.  The point of writing about that was to let the reader know what I was faced with during that time period.  I view my writing as uplifting and a success story that emerged from difficult times.  My writing reflects my motivation and drive to succeed no matter how difficult the situation may be.  I also refuse to allow obstacles stand in my way. 

 Why Book Covers are So Important

I believe book covers are very important since they are supposed to catch the reader’s attention.  Within seconds, the reader should be able to get an idea of what the book is going to be about.  Since my book is about working in the electrical industry, the lightning bolts seemed very appropriate.  I also wanted to represent the power of my choice to enter this field and earn my journeywoman’s card.  This was despite to the many challenges and hurdles I had faced along the way in order to finish my apprenticeship.  I was hoping that they would be eye catching as well.  Since I am a female working in a man’s field, the hard hat on the cover needed to be pink.  I would not actually wear a pink hard hat at work.  I would be made fun of by my coworkers.  Therefore, I would find that choice undesirable.

The phallic symbol was also placed on the pink hard hat in order to re-enforce that point that the book is about a female’s construction work experience.  I used the hard hat, pliers, and screwdriver and shaped them into the female phallic symbol.  I didn’t want to put the actual symbol on the hard hat.  However, I was talked into placing it on the hard hat after a few discussions.  Despite it being obvious to me, not everyone would get it that the hard hat and tools were positioned to form the female phallic symbol.

The title should also catch the potential reader’s attention.  Based on the title, the reader should know that the book will be about a bunch of construction jobsite stories.  These stories are told by a woman who entered the industry and became an electrician.  The reader should also know that there are going to be more stories released on the horizon in additional volumes.  My intent of the book cover was to provide a million words in the matter of seconds to the eye.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Virtual Book Tour- Enter to Win!!!

Hello everyone!

My virtual book tour is coming up from November 17-20th.  Enter to win here and register for the online chat!!

Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrician by
Leslie M. Jasper

I hope to speak to you soon online!!

 Leslie M. Jasper


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kent Library in Carmel, New York Book Signing November 13th at 630pm!!

Hello everyone!

The book is available worldwide on iTunes as an iBook, Amazon in paperback/Kindle, and for Barnes&Noble in paperback/Nook!!  My in person book signing is coming up at the Kent Library in Carmel, New York on November 13th at 630pm.  They would like people to register ahead of time.  The Kent Library has been promoting my book signing in their newsletter:

The Putnam Press Times also has a mention of my book signing on page 8:

I am also going to be online for November 17-20th at Go online and enter to win a free Construction Tales giveaway!!

I will post new book signings as they come up! Have a great Sunday!!

Leslie M. Jasper

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Next Three Book Readings in the New York Area!

Hello everyone!! Here are my next few book readings that I will be attending in the next few months:

November 13, 2013 from 630-730pm:

Kent Public Library
17 Sybil’s Crossing
Kent Lakes, New York 10512

November 30, 2013 from noon-1pm:

Gardiner Library
133 Farmer's Turnpike
Gardiner, New York 12525

Wednesday December 18, 2013:

LaGrange Library
488 Freedom Plains Rd. (Rt.55)
Suite #109
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
The book is also now on iTunes as an iBook!!! :)
The book is also available on
and as
ebooks for both Nook and Kindle and in paperback.  The book ships anywhere in the world.  When I get more book signings under my belt, I will be announcing the dates and times.  Have a great week my friends and thanks for reading!!
Leslie M. Jasper

Sunday, October 20, 2013

This Week's In Person Book Signings!

Hello everyone!

My first in person book signing will be at the Saugerties Public Library on October 21, 2013 at 630pm.  I look forward to discussing my book and answering reader questions!  Here is the address:

Saugerties Public Library
91 Washington Avenue
Saugerties, NY 12477
I will also be attending the local author event at the Blodgett-Memorial Library in Fishkill on October 26, 2013 from 1-3pm.  Here is the address:

Blodgett Memorial Library
37 Broad Street
Fishkill, New York 12524

I may have a third signing this week at the library in Gardiner, New York if the time can be adjusted on Saturday October 26th as well.  I may end up there on November 30, 2013!

Do not forget my virtual book tour coming up November 17-20, 2013 at Register to win and chat live online!

Enjoy your week!

Leslie M. Jasper

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Construction Tales- Now an iBook in the Apple iTunes Store!!

Hello everyone!

I am proud to announce that my book, Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrician is now an iBook and can be downloaded in the Apple iTunes Store!! :)

As of right now, it is only available in the United States.  There is a technical issue that is not allowing me to expand distribution globally.  However, I have put a trouble ticket in and working to make the book available worldwide as soon as possible.  I will announce when the book will be available outside the United States as soon as Apple gives me the green light!  I thank you all so much for reading my blog; very meaningful to me!  My first physical book tour stop is coming up on Monday October 21, 2013 in Saugerties, New York.  My previous blogs give a run down of my physical book signing locations!  Thanks again and have a fabulous day!

Leslie M Jasper

Link to the Apple iTunes Store:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Construction Tales book: Coming to iTunes as an iBook

Hello everyone!
A quick update that my book will become available worldwide as an iBook in then Apple iTunes store in 5-7 days!! When it goes live, I will let you know! Enjoy the day!

Leslie M. Jasper

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Social Media Links for the Book! :)

Hello Everyone!

I might as well put all my social media links in one location.  I am also going to attach links to the trade fairs that my book will be gracing between now and December.  My goal is to be in the Frankfort, Germany Book Trade Fair next year as well as the London Trade fair.  The best thing you can ever do is to reach out to your local library and request for them to order a book.  That way they may purchase the book and you can borrow it and enjoy my stories! :)

The book can be found on Amazon or Barnes&Noble and is also available as an ebook!  My links can be first found at

Facebook Profile:

Twitter Page:



My blog (! :) )

My google profile:

PubMatch profile:

First Domestic Trade Show Stop:

2013 New England Library Association Trade Show Oct 20-22nd

First International Trade Show Stop

2013 Guadalajara International Book Fair  November 30-Dec 04th

That is all the info I have for now.  Have a good day! More important...thanks for reading my blog!! :)

Leslie M. Jasper :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

International Trade Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico November 30-December 8, 2013

Hello everyone,

I just signed on to have my book showcased at the International Trade Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico from November 30-December 08, 2013.  It will be on display for vendors and potential investors. 

In addition, the book will also make an appearance at the 2013 New England Library Association that will be taking place October 20-22, 2013 in Portland, Maine.  I plan to register for other international trade fairs in the near future.  My goal is to register for the London Book Fair soon.  I will post when I officially register for that venue as well as others.  I will provide promotional material when it becomes available.  Thanks and have a great day/evening!

Leslie M. Jasper

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Construction Tales Book Tour Dates

Hello everyone!

As promised, I am attaching a short list of my book tour.  I am venturing out into the Mid-Hudson Valley doing book signings at libraries.  I plan to also reach out to other parts of the New York tri-state area.  My virtual book tour is scheduled for November 17-20, 2013.  You must register for that event beforehand.  I will be available online live to talk about the book and answer any reader questions!
Here is a list of the library book tour dates I have on hand at the moment.  Each week I am sure there will be more that I will add.  I believe each library would like for people to register ahead of time.

Monday October  21, 2013
Saugerties Public Library
91 Washington Avenue
Saugerties, New York 12477


Friday October 26, 2013
Gardiner Library
133 Farmer’s Turnpike
Gardiner, New York  12525


local author event (End of October)
Blodgett Memorial Library
37 Broad Street
Fishkill, New York 12524


Kent Public Library
17 Sybil’s Crossing
Kent Lakes, New York 10512


Wednesday December 18, 2013
LaGrange Library
488 Freedom Plains Rd. (Rt.55)
Suite #109
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

 Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!!
Leslie M. Jasper

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just Released for Kindle on Amazon!!!!!

Hello everyone!!

I am very excited to reveal that the Kindle ebook for my book was just released onto Amazon this morning!!!!  Now the book is available as an ebook for Kindle and Barnes & Noble's ebook Nook.  I am going to post another blog telling you about the library book tour dates and locations! Here is the link for the Kindle release!!  Thanks so much for reading my blog and have a wonderful day!!


Leslie M. Jasper

Kindle ebook link for Amazon:

Nook ebook for Barnes and Noble:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Virtual Book Tour Cafe Book Talk in November!!

Hello everyone,
I wanted to give the link for my virtual book tour coming in November online from the 17th to the 20th in 2013.  I am also slowly forming a physical book tour as well!  I will be posting those dates and times and locations sometime this weekend.  I did get an email from Amazon saying that the book is available as an ebook for Kindle.  However, the link was not working.  I am hoping to actually get word that the Kindle version is available sometime tomorrow.  I will post as soon as that is available.  The book is available on and in a paperback form.  Nook through is now available.  I am still working on the audio version of the book...coming soon I promise!  Stay tuned for updates!

Leslie M. Jasper

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Now Available as an eBook for Nook Through Barnes & Noble!!!

Hello everyone!

The book is now available live online as both a paperback and a Nook eBook on the  and a paperback on the (awaiting Kindle release) website.  Here is the Amazon link:

eBook link:

I am in the process of making it an iBook for iTunes and an audio version for and  Stay tuned....have a great day!

Leslie M. Jasper

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Midwest Book Review From a Reader

Check out a book review from a reader in the midwest!

Jim Wagoner posted his review on my book's Facebook page:

"Just finished reading "CONSTRUCTION TALES VOL. #1" by Leslie M. Jasper. Dealing with what a female faces when entering a male dominated profession. This book is well written and very informative. Filled with personal struggle, challenge, humor, and job related stories. A book that Im happy to have read and look foreward to vol #2. Do yourselves a favor and add this to your reading list. GREAT JOB, LESLIE"

Construction Tales- Available on Barnes & Noble as Paperback....and Nook in 72 Hours or Less!!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great week!  I am excited to announce that Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Becoming an Electrician is also available on the Barnes & website as a paperback!  In the next 72 hours, it will be available worldwide electronically for Nook readers!  I look forward to seeing it available on Nook shortly!  In addition, I am awaiting to see the book become electronically available for Kindle as well.  I also plan to publish an audio books version of the book as well!  I am providing the link to the Barnes & Noble website.  When the Nook version goes live, I will update and provide the link also!  I am excited and cannot wait to hear reader reviews and feedback!! Have a great week!!

Leslie M. Jasper

Friday, September 13, 2013

Thoughts For Friday! :)

Hello and I wish you a great upcoming weekend!

I keep checking daily to see if Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Becoming an Electrician is yet available in the Kindle version for Amazon.  As of a few minutes ago, it was not there yet.  I will post the update and link as soon as it becomes available.  The paperback version is now available on Amazon.  Vendors through Amazon will ship it internationally outside the United States.  My website is at

Here is the link to the book that is now on Amazon:

Feel free to like my Facebook's book page at:

My book's twitter page is at:

I just went to my writing coach job last night.  It was great to see my apprentices that I work with at school and through college.  I teach OSHA and I am a writing coach for Empire College.  I enjoy interacting and guiding students to becoming better writers and communicators.  Great communicators become effective leaders.  Construction worker students are the most difficult people to reach in an effort to gain an education.  However, I enjoy the interaction and I have many years of practice speaking to construction co-workers.  I have seen many instructors, outside the construction business, almost on the verge of tears and quit in the past few years.  Construction workers can smell weakness or fear and act accordingly.  They will most certainly do whatever they can get away with at work and in the classroom.  I have never had a problem with students in my classroom.  I let them discuss hot topics and able to reign them in when time to change gears on a more serious topic. 

Construction workers will always test the waters and see what someone is made of upon the first meeting.  I have learned that a sharp, direct, quick, and a witty response will most certainly establish the dynamics of a new relationship right away.  I talk about learning this vital survival skill in the book.  Alot of dirty and suggestive humor is used on a daily basis. Matching the humor or slightly elevating the response is vital in the exchange with a peer.  So far, a few of my peers are enjoying the book.  They all say the stories are refreshing and puts them back in that era on those jobsites.  My book is being reviewed by a few playwrights who are considering making the book into a play.  I will give an update on that process when it becomes available.  The virtual book tour will be held online from November 17-20, 2013.  I will be available live online to answer your questions.  Check out the ad banner below.

I wish you all an amazing weekend and I will speak to you soon! Thanks for reading and please share my links!


Leslie M Jasper  

Monday, September 9, 2013

My First Virtual Book Tour November 17-20, 2013

Hello everyone!

My first virtual book tour will be through the Virtual Book Tour Cafe online at:

The tour is scheduled from November 17-20th, 2013.  I will be hosting a live chat online.  More details to come.  Check out the website for more information! 

My first local book tour will be held at the Kent Town Library in Carmel, NY on November 13, 2013 from 6:45-7:45pm. 

Thanks and have a great evening!


Leslie M. Jasper

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Amazon Vendors- Ship Construction Tales All Over The World

Happy Sunday to all! 

I understand that some people in the world have already started their work week.  Best of luck!  I now see that my book can be offered through a variety of vendors.  Alot of them ship internationally outside the United States.  I am so excited to hear a reader's perspective outside the United States!  So far, I have heard reviews and feedback from people within the country.  I encourage questions and feedback from anyone interested in my book.  As of just a few minutes ago, the Amazon Kindle e-store does not have the book yet for Kindle.  I will keep looking and post the link when available.  The Kindle version is available worldwide through Amazon.  Enjoy your day and chat with you soon!

Leslie M. Jasper

Friday, September 6, 2013

Construction Tales- Coming to Kindle on Amazon

Hello everyone!

I had to review the legal and fine print before making Construction Tales available on Kindle.  I just went through the process to submit it to become available electronically.  It will be on the market worldwide in the next few days! I will provide a link to the Kindle book version when I have that information available.  In the meantime, here is the link for the hard copy on Amazon!  Thanks and have a great weekend!

Leslie M. Jasper

Please come to my book's Facebook page and like the book! I thank you for the support!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Have a Wonderful Labor Day!!

Hello everyone!!

It is coming up on the end of the Labor Day Weekend!  I hope everyone is resting or doing what they want to do. 

I am excited to see my first reader review has been posted on Amazon for the book!  The guy who posted is a part of the biggest chapter in the book.  He was one of my many mechanics when I was a helper on that job.  He was a gem to work with many years ago and I am glad to hear he is enjoying his retirement!!  He enjoyed the book since it discusses the dynamics of that era when work was plenty and people behaved as they would when times were good.  He knows what work life was about in that era. It is a little different now... 

The behavior of my co-workers is a little masked right now since their usual antics would get them fired.  Despite the slow work environment, some guys cannot help themselves and the bad behavior just seeps out!  I am sure to take notes each day I go to work.  I have plenty of material to write the second volume.  Perhaps I will have enough to write volume 3 soon!!  It takes alot of energy and free time to write.  My co-workers are actually amazed at how good my memory is when I remind them about crazy job stories that happened at least a decade ago.  I already started brainstorming the topics I will write about for volume 2.  I have some other irons in the fire I must work on first before I dive into the second volume.  I am hoping by Christmas time (second furlough period) I can get started. 

For non-construction workers, we have what is known as a furlough period.  I am in the middle of my furlough time right now.  I return to work in two more weeks.  Furlough is mandatory time off from work.  This is based on how many people in my labor pool are unemployed.  The more people that are unemployed, the more time those working must take off.  I have been lucky to work steady for the past two years (I know...a woman working steady when there are 50-60% of the labor pool not working...equals quite lucky.  Then again, I work very hard to earn my spot.)  I must take off for 5 weeks one half of the year and 5 weeks for the other half of the year.  It gives me time to dedicate to my house and writing projects so I cannot complain at all!  I gutted a room in the basement that needs to be renovated.  That project requires some time.  I am framing and doing electrical, painting, and sheetrocking.  I just need someone to tape and put down the floor.  Once I put that project to bed, I can go back to my other creative ventures!  I did enough rambling for now!  Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Shout out to my readers in Europe!! I am very pleased to see my story stretches out past the U.S.  I am sure my perspective is unique in the U.S. and probably more so overseas!  Thank you for reading my blog! :)

Cheers!! Leslie M Jasper

Friday, August 30, 2013

Book Tour Kick Off- Virtual and Physical for Construction Tales!!

Hello everyone!

Yes...(a long pause and a loud sigh)...the summer is wrapping up and coming to an end!!  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and got in some sun and fun!!  I am kicking off my book tour this month for Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrician.  I have to reach out to a virtual book tour site.  I started researching the right place to host my book.  I will provide that update when I make the right choice.  I started off by talking to anyone who would listen in California, Nevada, and Oregon the week the book became available on Amazon.  I am now starting by doing a local book signing in my community.  I plan to venture out more into the New York City area in the next few months.  My first local stop on my book tour will be the Kent Library in Carmel, New York.  I am also in contact with the Reed Memorial Library also in Carmel, New York.  I plan to reach out to as many places as possible in the next few weeks.  Yes, I will also work on the virtual book tour as soon as possible.  I look forward to discussing the book and getting feedback from readers!!  Thanks for reading and hope to post soon!!

Leslie M. Jasper, author
Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrician

Amazon link for the book:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Construction Tales is Now Live on Amazon!

Good evening everyone!

I am proud to say that my book is now live on Amazon.  The book is also distributed internationally through Amazon Europe as well.  Here is the link to the U.S. book page:

I look forward to feedback or service questions regarding getting the book.  If someone would like to purchase the book from outside the U.S. and has difficulty, please let me know.  I will look into getting your order processed.  I plan to announce my internet book tour soon!!  I thank everyone for taking the time to stop by and read my blog.  Talk to you all soon. 

Leslie M Jasper

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Createspace Community Post

Hello again!

I want to share my Createspace Community blog post.  I am telling anyone who will listen about my new book just released onto Amazon on August 06, 2013.  Here is the link to my community blog.  I look forward to questions or comments about the book.  Please don't be shy! 

Thanks! Leslie M Jasper

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Release of Construction Tales to Amazon!

Hello! Hello!

The book has just been released today on Amazon!  Here is the link to the book's Amazon E-Store:

I look forward to feedback and questions after the reader has finished the book or intends to read it!  Enjoy your summer! :)

The Book Will Be On Amazon In The Next 5-7 Days!!!

Hello everyone!

I hope your summer is going well!!  I have officially placed my book online this evening!!  It will appear on Amazon in the next 5-7 days!!  Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrician is available now through my Amazon E-store.  However, I have not gotten the link from my publisher yet.  When I get it, I will be honored to pass the information along.  I look forward to questions and feedback!!  Thanks for stopping by my blog and enjoy your evening! :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Waiting For The Final Edit For The Book

I have promised previously a spring 2013 release.  However, the editor I have chosen has been extremely busy.  My latest update is that the book is on its last ten pages before completion.  I am hoping that the book will be ready in the next few weeks for a summer release!  I will keep my fingers crossed.  I look forward to the release of the book.  I am also waiting, in anticipation, for feedback and comments from my readers.  The feedback will help guide me when I start writing volume II.  I will let everyone know as soon it is ready for release!  Enjoy your summer!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Book Preview On CreateSpace: Available through Amazon

I have created a book preview on CreateSpace.  The book should be available on Amazon in the next few weeks!  Here is the link:

Friday, March 29, 2013

Youtube Commercial for the Book

I put together a short video of a recent construction site I was working on.  I give an overview of what it is like to work as a female within the construction industry.  Check out my book's commercial on

Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrician

Video link:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Purpose of the Book

I am sure there are people who are curious as to the reason for my decision to write my first book.  I believe that my non-traditional occupation is unique and of interest to people.  Due to the unique nature of my work, there are not many woman telling the story.  Therefore, I must get the word out what it like to work with a sea of men all day.  I must say that this is the best part of working in construction; daily eye candy.  I also wanted to tell my story so others may understand what life is like for a woman construction worker.  My journey of becoming an electrician was a tight balance of maintaining my focus while constantly learning on my toes.  In order to gain any form of respect, I knew I must pay attention and learn everything possible and perform each task to my absolute best ability.  There is no doubt that my work holds my signature and is up for constant scrutiny if it is subpar in any nature.  No one is paying attention to the work of 100 men; just the one female on the job.  My career has it's many challenges and battles.  I view my accomplished career challenges as victories while wearing those badges with honor.  Any issues I have dealt with in this book are intended to illustrate life in my business.  I walked in and accepted the challenge of entering this field of work while facing resistance many years ago.  I do not seek pity from anyone nor will I accept it. 

I work with many talented journeymen and journeywomen.  Like with any occupation, there are a few 'bad eggs' in the carton.  Oftentimes, these 'bad eggs' have distinct personalities and a zest for life.  I embrace all co-workers; no matter how difficult they are to deal with at work.  Honestly, people who have distinct personalities are extremely amusing and make coming into work, no matter the conditions, fun and enjoyable.  I encourage you, as the reader, to view this book as both informational and as a source of humor....          

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I will never forget my first day meeting Chester on a job in White Plains.  He shook my hand and commented on my ‘manly’ handshake.  Chester then explained, in a long, dragged out theatrical manner, to me that there were two things that just don’t happen.  There is no crying in baseball and there are no women in construction.  As soon as I heard this come out of his mouth, I thought to myself that this is going to be a very tough job to work on.  Imagine a guy who is very tall with a big basketball for a belly that he rubs often.  Chester has a giant head of curly salt and pepper hair with an overgrown mustache and a five o’clock shadow.  Chester usually wore a cheap netted baseball hat, worn out solid color t-shirts, ragged Dockers pleated knit pants, and moccasins.   He does look like an odd character when you first see him and definitely when he opens his mouth and talks to people. 

When Chester latches onto someone, he usually makes a statement and will walk back and forth repeating that statement.  His repeated statements were intended to take a swipe and zing someone.  I came onto a job and there were a few workers.  One guy who introduced himself was a short and muscular black guy named "Bob" on the job.  Bob was very nice and explained what we were working on in the space.  I first get there and I am given a very easy task to work on.  This was because they didn’t trust the new girl helper on the job at all.  After awhile, I was gradually trusted more and more as time went along.  That is one thing that I still face in this business.  Each new job I come to, I meet the new foreman who is gun shy about giving me work that requires skills.  The good news is I usually end up on a job with guys I have worked with before.  This and my accumulated reputation for being a good, competent worker will sometimes follow me and help me out.  For the most part, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have my reputation follow me. I had to work very hard to create this working reputation and win over this guy who clearly didn’t like me from the beginning.........

My First Taste of Construction Life (Brief Clip)

My first jobsite I stepped foot onto was a remodeling construction project for a major health insurance company.  The company space was located in a high rise building in the heart of  downtown White Plains, New York.  My union called me up and directed me to report to work for my first electrical shop during the month of December, 1995.  I was a first year electrician’s apprentice and considered ‘green’ by my peers.  I was a young wife with a small one year old child when I had gotten the call for this jobsite.  Four months before, I enrolled myself in college to pursue an associate’s degree in business.  I had wanted to get a degree while pursuing my apprenticeship. 

I would soon discover that my plate was to become very full.  I became immersed with work, college courses, apprenticeship school, my family, and my new house that needed attention.  The juggling of my new schedule left me with limited free time.  This new schedule was a change from my life in the U.S. Navy as a construction electrician in the Seabees.  My husband and I were both recently discharged from the military at the same time.  He had also served his country as a U.S. Marine.  We settled within the New York City suburbs so that we could be near his family.  I was a young woman who was in love with my husband and was willing to follow him.  I was young and rather foolish to discuss my relationship so openly.  I clearly remember the topic of my wedding ring came up at work.  My co-workers used to tell me I should not wear it to work.  I would tell them that my ring is symbolic and I would be willing to lose a finger just so I could keep it on.  I now view this response as typical nonsense an 18 year old would say when foolishly in love.  I remember feeling awkward that I had to defend my choice to wear my ring. 

This was when I got my first exposure to typical, bitter electricians.  The average co-worker was very vocal about telling me that I would be divorced and miserable in no time........ 

Back Cover Snapshot of the Book

Strap on your work boots and put on your hard hat.  Let me take you on a sheetrock dusted journey to see what it is like to work within the construction industry.  The work is hard, the environment is unforgiving, and the jobsite can be either extremely hot or cold.  Almost 17 years ago, I stepped foot into a male-dominated work environment.  Despite the lack of a warm embrace, I pushed my way into this world to learn the trade.  I showed my many mentors that I wanted to be here and was ready to learn and work.  After some grit and sweat, I worked my way out of my apprenticeship to become a journeywoman electrician.  I earned a great working reputation within my trade and some aches and pains along the way.  I work with guys from all backgrounds and all walks of life; and a few females that share my goal to be called journeywomen.  Construction workers do not care that you do not feel up to the challenge that day.  You must suck it up and get the job done!  You will witness what it is like on a weekly basis to work within my industry.  Every story in this book is real.  The names of my co-workers have been changed to protect the innocent….or the guilty!  I must warn you that this book is not for the faint of heart!