Monday, July 10, 2017

My Projects In Progress & Renewing My OSHA 500 Certification!

hello everyone, I have been busy with a big transition in my life (making my life MUCH easier) and with work responsibilities that soak alot of my time. I am happy to be learning and growing on the business side of the electrical industry. I am working on helping finish a project on a 56 story building in Manhattan. I do have small duties on my Flushing project in Queens still. I have been asked to pitch in and help work on my old project in Brooklyn that is a college addition. I am working on picking apart the schedule and documenting the milestones via photos. It is indeed a learning experience for me since I have never done alot of these tasks before. You get to learn somewhere so I am blessed to have my foot in the door for over three years now. I am happy to gain the experience with general contractor and ownership interface. I have a good group of talented electricians to call on and get things done. This is a vital ingredient for meeting deadlines and encountering issues that need to be fixed. You are only as good as your team of worker bees. This is why it is vital to clear the path for them and keep it moving by feeding them what is needed. I am currently traveling to take an OSHA 502 instructor renewal course. This course keeps me qualified to continue being able to have job certification, if needed, and give people OSHA courses and issue OSHA 10 & 30 cards. I have a backup plan for either during the next recession, a layoff, or as an older person in need of some income. The last recession was difficult and taught me that multiple means of earning cash is necessary. A major pivotal moment for me was sitting out for huge blocks of time back in 2008 and forward. This forced me to consider other options never reviewed before. I plan to study and sit down for the NYC master electrical license in the next 10 years. This not only establishes a steady path for myself but my eldest son as well. My son chose to follow in my footsteps ans become an electrician as well. My sin just got in as a first year apprentice in my union. He sends me clips of his work and daily operations. I got a kick out of how much he realized that people know and respect me. He said he has alot of pressure on him to work as hard as I did and be like me. It warms my heart to see that I have made a positive impact on his life. He is understanding the magnitude of my contributions to his career path. I have yet to hear more of his journey and see him blossum to become an electrician. I fully intend on being the member who hands him his A card in 5-6 years from now when he finishes his apprenticeship. I am sure I will blog about his funny future stories. He said he loves the dynamics of his coworkers since it can be quite humorous. He is shocked at how the guys gossip so much!! I am sure he will have stories to share in the future that I can live vicariously through!! Well, time to catch my flight!! Talk to you all soon! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Last House Project I Did Mainly Solo!!

hello everyone! I keep forgetting to show my last home project that I worked on mainly solo. I had help doing the tile even though I prepped by removing the old floor, a hot water baseboard install, and taping. The rest was my baby. My sons did a few guest appearances to help sheetrock. I framed and did alot of rock solo. I built a sheetrock buddy and joked with my friends that "he" was my boyfriend named, Juan Carlos. I am now done with house projects. I painted the room red then changed the color to a beige so I could put it on the market. I plan to buy house #2 at some point and work on that one. I am leaning towards a condo so work will be lighter than a house. I bought this house at 20 years old with a car accident settlement. I watched guys at work and did projects at the house. I have done some trial and errors along the way. It is highly rewarding to show off a job well done. I was getting roofing estimates years ago. A roofer came to the house and asked if my parents were home. I laughed and said that I was the homeowner...he has so uncomfortable that I was highly amused! After 22 years, it is time to move on and find another diamond in the rough. I shall see what I come up with in the future. Have a safe day at work since it is Hump Day already! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Can A Relationship Be Ruined By A Woman Being "Too Independent"??

hello everyone! I responded to a friend's question regarding being in a relationship with a woman who is fiercely independent. He asked if attempting to date a woman who is "too independent" ruins it due to her high level of independence?? I thought about it and here is my response below. Feel free to respectfully agree/disagree. I do put thought into these types of questions because they do hit home. I may have scared off many of potential suitors in my day due to their perceptions of how an independent woman operates her life. I don't believe that I missed out on life experiences since they were not meant to be. I have a wonderful man in my life who actually took the time to ask me loads of questions and gain an understanding about who I am as a woman and what makes me tick. He has then worked to systematically serve as my rock, my voice of reason, the man who compliments my flaws, and the man who views me as his treasured stone. He finds what I am capable of doing with my hands and my mind to be extraordinary and it compliments what he brings to the table. We have had some rough patches in the past 3 years and even have taken a break from each other. This was needed, in hindsight, to see if we could weather the storm and fix what was broken and move past it. In addition, it was a good moment to see if we missed each other and how much was not having each other going to impact each of us. I have had a spiritual advisor for the past 5 years now serve as my guide. It has been spot on and well worth the time and money spent. Not to mention the accuracy of her readings on points in my life!! I either see Cindy Grogan in person or chat on the phone with her to do a reading. I have developed from personal growth on learning what works for me and what doesn't work on different aspects of life. I didn't intend to speak about Cindy but her guidance on this life path of mine is instrumental and credit is due to her ability to be so on point!! Cindy Grogan lives in New Jersey and can be reached by looking up My response to dating an independent woman: An independent woman is self sufficient financially, physically, and emotionally. She would like to have that connection but she survives without it. A man comes into her life and his question is why is this woman is why is this woman "too independent" (missing alot of details)?? Instead of asking why and allowing it to be a sticking point, work to be the kind, loving, and the supportive man she needs in order unravel the layers of armour she must put on to protect her heart from the world. She is fighting for your hand to try to take over the wheel of her life. That wheel is her sense of security and way of survival. Why should she give up that power to a man who merely requests it?? You need to SHOW that you are consistent and capable of taking the wheel as a co-pilot not just being the captain. I have established my way of life and I am NOT going to give the keys to my castle to just anyone. I will never be "dependent" and ever lay in a fetal position. I do not view "independence" as a dirty word. I fully respect women who choose the "dependent" since it is risky but reaps rewards if done correctly. I have chosen to do life "the hard way" for the past 20 years. I had found no one in my travels that I felt comfy letting them take the "wheel" of my life as a co-pilot. I do have someone in my life that I am slowly offering the "keys" to the palace due to his constant work to SHOW me that he has my back. This is accomplished through being the "better road" in managing life challenges that end up panning out better than my method. His goal is to earn that spot as my "co-pilot" since I have clearly demonstrated my ability to not only be a great co-pilot but fully run the ship in the event he can't or serve as his rock during tough times. Prior to wanting to take the wheel, you need to review her life experiences and figure out if you are capable of being the physical rock in the time of need or merely speaking that you want to be one. Then, you work to consistently be the co-pilot that she needs....
Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Interesting Construction Drawings (& NYC Job Photos) Found During My Jobsite Walks

hi everyone! Now that I am an assistant project manager in New York City, I often have to walk the job. I take alot of photos with the intent of visually seeing our progress and determining if my field crew faces obstacles. I oftentimes use the photos to communicate issues on the job. It is no surprise that I discover some rather funny artistic creations. Here is a collection from the job and for your amusement!! I added some views of Manhattan from the jobsite as well!
Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Dynamics Between The General Contractor and Different Trades!!

hi everyone! I am pitching in and helping with about 3 projects at the moment. One job is in Queens and the other two jobs are in Manhattan. One job has a growing troubled relationship between the trades and the general contractor on the job. At first, I thought it was just our shop that was at odds. Now I see it is a growing distain for the GC amongst all of the trades on the job. They are trying to say that we are holding up progress. Meanwhile, the general contractor should be coordinating work with the trades. We can't work in the same space as the floor guy when he is gluing his floor down. Oftentimes, our field guys are coordinating with the floor guy. It has been rather frustrating that jobsite. There are people screaming and shouting so that they can push through and get their way. It has definitely been an eye opener for me. My project in Queens has been decently smooth as a construction job can be. I am walking that job weekly to document the progress and see how we are being held up by other trades. The job has been passed to quite a few people over the past 2 years. It is supposedto be wrapped up by summer time. That is our goal and this has been an amazing learning curve for me. I have not gotten into a shouting match yet with anyone. My goal is to avoid that and try to get the job done. I have a great crew of project managers to learn about the PM process along the way. I have been walking a few jobs with our in house inspector consultant to learn more about the potential issues that can come up as violations. Then I have walked with the inspector to see if our cleaned up violations, previously fixed, help us pass our inspection with flying colors. There are alot of items to keep an eye on and make sure they are done correctly! You can delay the job and be at fault if we fail inspections. I learned that there are no rough in inspections in NYC. They just have final inspections. In Westchester and Fairfield territories, we have to get an inspection before the walls are closed up. They want to make sure all holes in the deck and ceiling where a cable or pipe enters is firestopped (sealed up). Walking these inspections makes me feel the need to study the NYC electrical code and earn my master's electrical license in New York City. I then have to shelf it as long as I work for a shop. It is a good idea so I can either open my own women owned W/MBE business. I can hold a license for a NYC shop if I get laid off from this shop. I can even start up a minority contractor business with my son Tom. He is currently scheduled to enter the apprentice electrician program this fall. It takes about 5.5 years to finish his apprenticeship. He needs about a good ten years worth of work experience before I would open a business with him. Holding a NYC license is a key to success with a means of having a way to work. One of the things I have learned about the business is that as a large shop, the largest electrical contractor in NYC, is that we must award 20-30% of our work to women/minority/disabled supply houses and electrical subcontractors. There is money to be made as a woman owned electrical shop. However, you need deep pockets (investor) to fund material purchases and pay for weekly labor and benefits. It is definitely a goal of mine within the next ten years to get that NYC electrical license. I figured I would share what I discovered while walking the job. I can only imagine the courage needed to spray paint that on the wall and not get pinched by a general contractor employee! This area is near the former temporary elevator used in the beginning of the job to carry labor and materials. We now use a covered permanent elevator to access the jobsite. Here is the work of a disgruntled construction worker taken on the 53rd floor:
Thanks for stopping by my blog to read my material! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrican- On iTunes!

hi everyone, I wanted to remind you that Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrican is available on iTunes. Here is the link: It is also available in paperback and for Nook and Kindle. I hope you are enjoying a productive work week!?! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Need Connecticut Reader and Friend To Offer A Future Book Review!

hello everyone! I have a friend who picked up a few copies of my books. She is looking forward to reading the book! I am thrilled she shared the selfie with my book on Facebook today! She said she will offer a review when finished! I am looking forward to hearing feedback on her read. She works in a trade oriented high school. If there is interest in the book, I will come and speak about it. When I get the review, I will share. If anyone else has Construction Tales book selfies, I would love to see it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
Cheers!! Leslie M Jasper