Sunday, January 6, 2013

My First Taste of Construction Life (Brief Clip)

My first jobsite I stepped foot onto was a remodeling construction project for a major health insurance company.  The company space was located in a high rise building in the heart of  downtown White Plains, New York.  My union called me up and directed me to report to work for my first electrical shop during the month of December, 1995.  I was a first year electrician’s apprentice and considered ‘green’ by my peers.  I was a young wife with a small one year old child when I had gotten the call for this jobsite.  Four months before, I enrolled myself in college to pursue an associate’s degree in business.  I had wanted to get a degree while pursuing my apprenticeship. 

I would soon discover that my plate was to become very full.  I became immersed with work, college courses, apprenticeship school, my family, and my new house that needed attention.  The juggling of my new schedule left me with limited free time.  This new schedule was a change from my life in the U.S. Navy as a construction electrician in the Seabees.  My husband and I were both recently discharged from the military at the same time.  He had also served his country as a U.S. Marine.  We settled within the New York City suburbs so that we could be near his family.  I was a young woman who was in love with my husband and was willing to follow him.  I was young and rather foolish to discuss my relationship so openly.  I clearly remember the topic of my wedding ring came up at work.  My co-workers used to tell me I should not wear it to work.  I would tell them that my ring is symbolic and I would be willing to lose a finger just so I could keep it on.  I now view this response as typical nonsense an 18 year old would say when foolishly in love.  I remember feeling awkward that I had to defend my choice to wear my ring. 

This was when I got my first exposure to typical, bitter electricians.  The average co-worker was very vocal about telling me that I would be divorced and miserable in no time........ 

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