Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Issue of Pride and a Paycheck!!

Hello everyone!! Trying to help share this summer issue from Pride and a Paycheck: Here is the article post: Dear Pride and a Paycheck Facebook friends. Here is the Summer 2016 issue. Please share! Going on my blog Cheerz!! Leslie M Jasper

Monday, July 18, 2016

Last Week Trending- University of North Texas Dirty Coffee Mug! I Love It!!

Hello everyone Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I had a buddy of mine tell me my work coffee mug was trending on the Internet last week. I am a huge fan of subtle humor. When I saw an article about the cup,I had to check out the cup on the University of North Texas campus website. It really existed!! I found cheaper and different styles on Amazon. I like to walk around the office with my C yoU Next Tuesday mug. The mug handle completes the humor for me. I will always be a dirty minded construction worker no matter where I go in life! Happy Monday to All!! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper (future Stakley)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

More Construction Humor Pictures!!!

Hello everyone!! Here are some Construction Tales humor pictures. A buddy of mine who is in Volume 1 is in this photo. I don't have to make any of this up!! Have a great weekend and speak with you really soon!! Cheerz!! Leslie M Jasper

Friday, July 1, 2016

Books By Melica Niccole!!

hello everyone!! I want you to see some of what my fellow author friend, Melica, has to offer. I believe she works hard and deserves to get help marketing via sharing. We have spoken about writing and our projects. I want to get started on my children's version of Construction Tales. She inspires me to get going on that project. Enjoy your day and talk to you soon this weekend!! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper Books by moi. Have you purchased your copies on #Kindle or #Nook? Includes titles such as The New Face of Disabilities, Poetic Outlets, My Poetic Soul Unleashed, Dead Wrong, Sisters of the Shield, PJ's World, Naturals: The Paper People, Mount Vernon Avenue, Jacob: In the Mind of a Mad Man, Journey to the Truth, All in Together Girls, and the Book of Quotes.There's something here for everyone. #Poetry #Romance #thriller #workingwithpeoplewithdisabilities #childrensbook #MelicaNiccole