Friday, September 13, 2013

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Hello and I wish you a great upcoming weekend!

I keep checking daily to see if Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Becoming an Electrician is yet available in the Kindle version for Amazon.  As of a few minutes ago, it was not there yet.  I will post the update and link as soon as it becomes available.  The paperback version is now available on Amazon.  Vendors through Amazon will ship it internationally outside the United States.  My website is at

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I just went to my writing coach job last night.  It was great to see my apprentices that I work with at school and through college.  I teach OSHA and I am a writing coach for Empire College.  I enjoy interacting and guiding students to becoming better writers and communicators.  Great communicators become effective leaders.  Construction worker students are the most difficult people to reach in an effort to gain an education.  However, I enjoy the interaction and I have many years of practice speaking to construction co-workers.  I have seen many instructors, outside the construction business, almost on the verge of tears and quit in the past few years.  Construction workers can smell weakness or fear and act accordingly.  They will most certainly do whatever they can get away with at work and in the classroom.  I have never had a problem with students in my classroom.  I let them discuss hot topics and able to reign them in when time to change gears on a more serious topic. 

Construction workers will always test the waters and see what someone is made of upon the first meeting.  I have learned that a sharp, direct, quick, and a witty response will most certainly establish the dynamics of a new relationship right away.  I talk about learning this vital survival skill in the book.  Alot of dirty and suggestive humor is used on a daily basis. Matching the humor or slightly elevating the response is vital in the exchange with a peer.  So far, a few of my peers are enjoying the book.  They all say the stories are refreshing and puts them back in that era on those jobsites.  My book is being reviewed by a few playwrights who are considering making the book into a play.  I will give an update on that process when it becomes available.  The virtual book tour will be held online from November 17-20, 2013.  I will be available live online to answer your questions.  Check out the ad banner below.

I wish you all an amazing weekend and I will speak to you soon! Thanks for reading and please share my links!


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