Sunday, November 30, 2014

Looking For Screenwriter on

Hello everyone, I was talking to my brother-in-law, Nick Jasper, over the holiday weekend. He said to reach out to acting forums in an effort to find a screenwriter. I want to get a screenwriter to develop the book into a movie or tv series. I'm starting out with some forums for actors and tv industry people. I will keep working until I reach someone who is interested. I can be reached from most any form of social media that I have for the book. I had one tv producer interested. He works on cop and fireman shows. His people are not ambitious enough to take on the project. However, he said that his contacts were interested and gave good feedback. He said to get a screenwriter and a manager to knock on some doors. That is what I'm working on doing. I shall see where it goes. I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday weekend! As always, thanks for stopping by to read my blog! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Friday, November 21, 2014

New Chief Sitting Bull Update

Hello everyone! Chief Sitting Bull came by my desk to briefly discuss my book and his readings at lunch time. He said he really enjoys the character Tazz in the book. He is enjoying him immensely. Finds him crazy and daring. He was astonished at the things that come out of his mouth. He spoke about how Tazz pursued a woman at work. He found him brave and quite amazing. I almost think he is his new hero. He said he is eager to keep reading. I told him that is good since blog readers everywhere are awaiting new updates! I won't see him until Monday. I will then get an update. Have a great weekend to all. Cheers! Leslie M Jasper Ps I forgot to mention Spankie! He was in a full laugh rehashing the stories about an electrician with the nickname of Spankie and Shitslinger! He cannot believe these people exist!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Book Review Update- Chief Sitting Bull

Hello everyone! I met up with Chief Sitting Bull to ask him how the book reading process is coming along. I am following a coworker in the office who reads my book daily at lunch. I told him he is famous all over the world due to his decision to read the book and give daily feedback. This overview has covered his reading for the past two days. He was fond of reading about these two journeymen electricians on a job. I was the apprentice on the job and would work with either man during the day. They had two totally different approaches to their work day. They happened to have the same name so one was coined ‘hard’ and the other as ‘soft’. Chief Sitting Bull was taken aback by their approach when dealing with me on the job. At first, Chief Sitting Bull thought they were not aware of a major life changing event that happened to me earlier that year (must read the book to find that out). I revealed that they all indeed did know of what happened to me. Chief Sitting Bull did not approve of how they behaved towards me. I told him that was how the business was during that time. Their sentiment was that I was a woman in a man’s world. I didn’t belong in their world. Just because I had a major tragedy occur, it was not an excuse to slack off. They were very tough on me. That form of tough love did whip me into shape. I knew that readers would not be fond of their treatment towards me. He then told me he is reading the Big Job chapter. He loves reading about this character, named Tazz. His other favorite character is Stacey and her crazy antics. He says their behavior in the book is right on track with what his expectations of what construction workers are like. He told me he looks forward to reading the book at lunch time. I am going to harass him later today after lunch to see how the reading is going. I think my daily badgering has motivated him to read even more. He finds me funny at work and looks forward to reading more to get his additional doses of humor. It makes for great discussions at work! I will give you the scoop either later today or tomorrow on Chief Sitting Bull’s continued book progress. Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Co-worker Reading Construction Tales-Provide Review as He Reads

Hello everyone! I work with a rather funny coworker who discovered that I wrote a book from other coworkers. He ran over to me and eagerly bought my book as soon as he heard the rumor. I told him I want a review. Better yet, I will pick his brain as he reads it. He is up to page 8 currently. He was surprised to learn that I was in the military. He said he can see my personality in the first few pages. He is looking forward to reading it since he likes my lively personality. He says that he has a sense of who I am. He is looking forward to gaining more insight as he reads more of the book. I will give him the nickname of Chief Sitting Bull. This is what comes to mind when I see him. He will surely get a kick out of his nickname. I look forward to following him on this journey of discovery of Construction Tales. Stay tuned for Chief Sitting Bull's book review. As always, thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chapter 7 Book Clip- Working With A Chauvinist Pig

I will never forget my first day meeting Chester on a job in White Plains. He shook my hand and commented on my ‘manly’ handshake. Chester then explained, in a long, dragged out theatrical manner, to me that there were two things that just don’t happen. There is no crying in baseball and there are no women in construction. As soon as I heard this come out of his mouth, I thought to myself that this is going to be a very tough job to work on. Imagine a guy who is very tall with a big basketball for a belly that he rubs often. Chester has a giant head of curly salt and pepper hair with an overgrown mustache and a five o’clock shadow. Chester usually wore a cheap netted baseball hat, worn out solid color t-shirts, ragged Dockers pleated knit pants, and moccasins. He does look like an odd character when you first see him and definitely when he opens his mouth and talks to people. When Chester latches onto someone, he usually makes a statement and will walk back and forth repeating that statement. His repeated statements were intended to take a swipe and zing someone. I came onto a job and there were a few workers. One guy who introduced himself was a short and muscular black guy named "Bob" on the job. Bob was very nice and explained what we were working on in the space. I first get there and I am given a very easy task to work on. This was because they didn’t trust the new girl helper on the job at all. After awhile, I was gradually trusted more and more as time went along. That is one thing that I still face in this business. Each new job I come to, I meet the new foreman who is gun shy about giving me work that requires skills. The good news is I usually end up on a job with guys I have worked with before. This and my accumulated reputation for being a good, competent worker will sometimes follow me and help me out. For the most part, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have my reputation follow me. I had to work very hard to create this working reputation and win over this guy who clearly didn’t like me from the beginning......... Hello everyone! You just read a chapter clip from Construction Tales. I had it in one of the first posts in this blog. I figured it needed to be located a little closer to the top. Despite the title of the chapter, the ending was positive and bittersweet. I was on the same job when he was retiring. I don't want to spoil the ending so I will leave it with that. Thanks for reading as always! Have a great week! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Thursday, November 13, 2014

If List Is Now Mobile!!! Vote for Construction Tales to Become a Movie

Hello everyone!! I just found out that is now mobile!! One can vote to make Construction Tales a movie. It's a website where voters can choose a book and vote in directors and cast member picks. I look forward to seeing the most off the wall actors chosen to play dirty construction workers. Here is the link to sign up and vote!!'sjourneytobecomeanelectrician Thanks for the support!!! Cheers!! Leslie M Jasper

Construction Tales- Available in New Zealand!

Hello everyone! Periodically, I Google my name and book title to see where it can be found. I was pleased to see that it can be purchased on the Mighty Ape website. This website sells products in New Zealand. Here is the link: Check out the website! I would love an international book review! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Book I'm Planning on Writing- Transcending Against All Odds

Hello everyone I wanted to share with you all my recent project that I plan to write. I started to write my second volume, Construction Tales: My Illuminated Path Continues... However, after speaking to a few people, I decided to change gears. My books on women in construction are unique in nature. I've been told literary agents do not know who my audience would be composed of. Taking a risk on the unknown is a fear in the movie and book industry. I had a tv producer interested. He said he received no negative feedback from his movie contacts. However, they are successful re-hashing cop and fireman shows. Not a risk they are willing to take. I was advised to write a different type of book in order to gain an agent. It seems like a good decision since it is good to go in a different direction and tap into a different type of reader base. My book that I plan to write will be entitled,Transcend Against All Odds. My son, Tom, came up with the title. He says it describes our lives growing up together. I married his father young who also died when Tom was a baby. I had a difficult road to survive and keep our heads above water. His goal is for us to get matching tattoos that say that. I asked him what he thought of the title. He was flattered and honored that I would use the title. He knows quite well that my childhood was difficult in nature. The book will be based on my childhood. However, I will be making the book a work of fiction. This book will cover a young girl's life path enduring an abusive home life. This little girl watched her mother receive regular beatings from her father. This girl grew up poor with parents who were also neglected as kids. The little girl had parents who were selfish in nature and did not know how to express love. The little girl goes through a divorce that rocks her world. Despite the abusive home life, she knew the transition disrupted her fragile sense of security. The girl encounters jealous and strict step parents. This young woman escapes her abusive home life in exchange for a military career. I am hoping it will be a book many people can relate to with their own lives. Then readers may be open to reading my Construction Tales books. I'm off to do some weekend chores now. Thanks for reading my blog as usual! Cheers! Leslie M. Jasper

Friday, November 7, 2014

Retirement Party- 1997 As a 2nd Year Apprentice

Hello everyone I wanted to share a picture of some fellow coworkers from a job I wrote about in the book. The guys were great to work with on the job. Definitely a great work experience! I will always remember those guys! Cheers! Leslie M. Jasper

Wedding Day Photo Booth Pictures- 11/01/2014

I attended a wedding last weekend in Long Island, NY. It was great to see my cousins tie the knot! The reception had drinks flowing like a babbling brook and an amazing spread of food for days. Best of luck on their future! The photo booth was an awesome additional touch to create great memories! Enjoy a laugh and have a great day! cheers! Leslie M Jasper