Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Purpose of the Book

I am sure there are people who are curious as to the reason for my decision to write my first book.  I believe that my non-traditional occupation is unique and of interest to people.  Due to the unique nature of my work, there are not many woman telling the story.  Therefore, I must get the word out what it like to work with a sea of men all day.  I must say that this is the best part of working in construction; daily eye candy.  I also wanted to tell my story so others may understand what life is like for a woman construction worker.  My journey of becoming an electrician was a tight balance of maintaining my focus while constantly learning on my toes.  In order to gain any form of respect, I knew I must pay attention and learn everything possible and perform each task to my absolute best ability.  There is no doubt that my work holds my signature and is up for constant scrutiny if it is subpar in any nature.  No one is paying attention to the work of 100 men; just the one female on the job.  My career has it's many challenges and battles.  I view my accomplished career challenges as victories while wearing those badges with honor.  Any issues I have dealt with in this book are intended to illustrate life in my business.  I walked in and accepted the challenge of entering this field of work while facing resistance many years ago.  I do not seek pity from anyone nor will I accept it. 

I work with many talented journeymen and journeywomen.  Like with any occupation, there are a few 'bad eggs' in the carton.  Oftentimes, these 'bad eggs' have distinct personalities and a zest for life.  I embrace all co-workers; no matter how difficult they are to deal with at work.  Honestly, people who have distinct personalities are extremely amusing and make coming into work, no matter the conditions, fun and enjoyable.  I encourage you, as the reader, to view this book as both informational and as a source of humor....          

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