Monday, September 2, 2013

Have a Wonderful Labor Day!!

Hello everyone!!

It is coming up on the end of the Labor Day Weekend!  I hope everyone is resting or doing what they want to do. 

I am excited to see my first reader review has been posted on Amazon for the book!  The guy who posted is a part of the biggest chapter in the book.  He was one of my many mechanics when I was a helper on that job.  He was a gem to work with many years ago and I am glad to hear he is enjoying his retirement!!  He enjoyed the book since it discusses the dynamics of that era when work was plenty and people behaved as they would when times were good.  He knows what work life was about in that era. It is a little different now... 

The behavior of my co-workers is a little masked right now since their usual antics would get them fired.  Despite the slow work environment, some guys cannot help themselves and the bad behavior just seeps out!  I am sure to take notes each day I go to work.  I have plenty of material to write the second volume.  Perhaps I will have enough to write volume 3 soon!!  It takes alot of energy and free time to write.  My co-workers are actually amazed at how good my memory is when I remind them about crazy job stories that happened at least a decade ago.  I already started brainstorming the topics I will write about for volume 2.  I have some other irons in the fire I must work on first before I dive into the second volume.  I am hoping by Christmas time (second furlough period) I can get started. 

For non-construction workers, we have what is known as a furlough period.  I am in the middle of my furlough time right now.  I return to work in two more weeks.  Furlough is mandatory time off from work.  This is based on how many people in my labor pool are unemployed.  The more people that are unemployed, the more time those working must take off.  I have been lucky to work steady for the past two years (I know...a woman working steady when there are 50-60% of the labor pool not working...equals quite lucky.  Then again, I work very hard to earn my spot.)  I must take off for 5 weeks one half of the year and 5 weeks for the other half of the year.  It gives me time to dedicate to my house and writing projects so I cannot complain at all!  I gutted a room in the basement that needs to be renovated.  That project requires some time.  I am framing and doing electrical, painting, and sheetrocking.  I just need someone to tape and put down the floor.  Once I put that project to bed, I can go back to my other creative ventures!  I did enough rambling for now!  Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Shout out to my readers in Europe!! I am very pleased to see my story stretches out past the U.S.  I am sure my perspective is unique in the U.S. and probably more so overseas!  Thank you for reading my blog! :)

Cheers!! Leslie M Jasper

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