Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Social Media Links for the Book! :)

Hello Everyone!

I might as well put all my social media links in one location.  I am also going to attach links to the trade fairs that my book will be gracing between now and December.  My goal is to be in the Frankfort, Germany Book Trade Fair next year as well as the London Trade fair.  The best thing you can ever do is to reach out to your local library and request for them to order a book.  That way they may purchase the book and you can borrow it and enjoy my stories! :)

The book can be found on Amazon or Barnes&Noble and is also available as an ebook!  My links can be first found at

Facebook Profile:

Twitter Page:



My blog (! :) )

My google profile:

PubMatch profile:

First Domestic Trade Show Stop:

2013 New England Library Association Trade Show Oct 20-22nd

First International Trade Show Stop

2013 Guadalajara International Book Fair  November 30-Dec 04th

That is all the info I have for now.  Have a good day! More important...thanks for reading my blog!! :)

Leslie M. Jasper :)

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