Saturday, December 24, 2016

Construction Tales Is Going Down to $8.99 Shortly For 2017!!

hello everyone! There is a new law for people reading from the European Union where I must let you know about Blogger cookies. I don't know about what type of cookies are used; I am letting you know that they exist. I don't add any vookies of my own to the blog; I have no intention of going it ever. With this being said, thank you to my European visitors stopping by to read my blog!! I appreciate it highly!!! I just dropped the price on my Construction Tales book to $8.99 in US dollars. I know the price drop applies for the foreign markets as well! My ebook is still $3 US dollars. Please offer comments and reviews. It eill help me write Volume 2! I want to wish anyone who celebrates a Merry Christmas/Happy Haunuhah/Kwanzaa and any other celebration! I thank you for your time reading my blog! I will talk to you all soon some time this weekend. I am talking with an author about launching his book to be available on Amazon. I will work to get his info and post about his book that is coming out. Thanks again!! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper