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My book was read and reviewed on the Bikers With Books blog at:

Review of Construction Tales: Volume I
by Burt Morgret

"From working in the construction industry for over 20 years, I know first hand how difficult it is for a women in this industry. Men in this field don't make it easy for women, and many don't recognize women as an equal in this line of work.

As a business owner, I've hired women and know the difficulties Jasper faced proving herself. I was touched by her strength and endurance, not only in her work life, but personal as well.

Jasper did a great job of pulling the reader in with such great detail that you could literally visualize how each situation was playing out. You can't help but to be sucked into the story, and she envokes emotion which I was like I was there with her.

I really enjoyed this book and if you love true stories, if you're in the construction industry, or if you just like reading, you're going to enjoy it too. Highly recommended."

Thanks for reading! The book is available on Amazon (Kindle/paperback), Barnes & Noble (Nook/paperback), and iTunes as an iBook!  Have a great night!
Leslie M. Jasper

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