Monday, July 10, 2017

My Projects In Progress & Renewing My OSHA 500 Certification!

hello everyone, I have been busy with a big transition in my life (making my life MUCH easier) and with work responsibilities that soak alot of my time. I am happy to be learning and growing on the business side of the electrical industry. I am working on helping finish a project on a 56 story building in Manhattan. I do have small duties on my Flushing project in Queens still. I have been asked to pitch in and help work on my old project in Brooklyn that is a college addition. I am working on picking apart the schedule and documenting the milestones via photos. It is indeed a learning experience for me since I have never done alot of these tasks before. You get to learn somewhere so I am blessed to have my foot in the door for over three years now. I am happy to gain the experience with general contractor and ownership interface. I have a good group of talented electricians to call on and get things done. This is a vital ingredient for meeting deadlines and encountering issues that need to be fixed. You are only as good as your team of worker bees. This is why it is vital to clear the path for them and keep it moving by feeding them what is needed. I am currently traveling to take an OSHA 502 instructor renewal course. This course keeps me qualified to continue being able to have job certification, if needed, and give people OSHA courses and issue OSHA 10 & 30 cards. I have a backup plan for either during the next recession, a layoff, or as an older person in need of some income. The last recession was difficult and taught me that multiple means of earning cash is necessary. A major pivotal moment for me was sitting out for huge blocks of time back in 2008 and forward. This forced me to consider other options never reviewed before. I plan to study and sit down for the NYC master electrical license in the next 10 years. This not only establishes a steady path for myself but my eldest son as well. My son chose to follow in my footsteps ans become an electrician as well. My sin just got in as a first year apprentice in my union. He sends me clips of his work and daily operations. I got a kick out of how much he realized that people know and respect me. He said he has alot of pressure on him to work as hard as I did and be like me. It warms my heart to see that I have made a positive impact on his life. He is understanding the magnitude of my contributions to his career path. I have yet to hear more of his journey and see him blossum to become an electrician. I fully intend on being the member who hands him his A card in 5-6 years from now when he finishes his apprenticeship. I am sure I will blog about his funny future stories. He said he loves the dynamics of his coworkers since it can be quite humorous. He is shocked at how the guys gossip so much!! I am sure he will have stories to share in the future that I can live vicariously through!! Well, time to catch my flight!! Talk to you all soon! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper