Monday, October 13, 2014

Perdue Engineering Professor Has My Book- My Cousin Spotted It On His Cart

Hello everyone! My cousin, Kristina, is a grad student at Perdue University in Indiana. She told me that she saw an engineering professor carrying my Construction Tales book on his cart. She approached him and told him her cousin is the author of the book. The professor was surprised and didn't think she was serious at first. I think she was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up out of nowhere as well. It was a surprise to hear the report on my book sighting as well. I was tickled and honored to hear the book is being read by teaching professionals in Indiana. I am off to canvas libraries and spread the news that Construction Tales exists! Have a great work week! Thanks for stopping by to check out what I have to say! Cheers!! Leslie M Jasper Here is a YouTube Clip of my first book interview for Let's Talk Writing Episode 69:

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