Friday, October 10, 2014

Mindset Towards Women in U.S.- Behind the Times!!

Hello everyone!

I made a statement without really knowing it in the office this week. I have never been one to play a helpless role or ask for help. If I am capable, I will do the task at hand.  We run out of water in the office. Therefore,  when I discover no water, I pitch in and make it happen.  I guess a lot of people were highly impressed with my strength.  I was told by multiple people how they were amazed that I pack a water cooler jug like it is paper. I did find it amusing to see how it effected people.  I've only been doing engineering/AutoCAD work for about 6 months now. Prior to that,  I always had to be physically ready for my job in the electrical field. I would not have earned respect of the crew if I did not step up and handle my job.  It is what I know to do. Besides, when I was a kid, my dad always told me that I was capable of anything.  He said my strength and smarts could help me do things better than the guys.

After thinking about the water cooler incident,  it kind of makes me sad. I live and work near New York City. My area is up to date on fashion,  technology,  scientific research, etc. However,  out mindset towards women's capabilities is that of a 3rd world nation. Women are not perceived as strong or capable of doing complex tasks. The difference here is that you get the opportunity to do a job.  If you can't hack the work, you will just be always unemployed. It just makes me amused to see how shocked people are at a woman who has strength or doesn't act helpless. We have some work in our society in order to advance away from the caveman mentality.

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