Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oregon Vineyard- HV Cellars Has Best Tasting Blackberry Wine!

Hello everyone,

I became friendly with an owner of an Oregon vineyard. My sister picks blackberries for the vineyard in order to score some extra cash. My sister introduced me to Evelyn Luce. She is a wonderful woman to chat with on the phone. She was kind to send me some samples of wine. I hooked up a wine party with a few of my friends. I had Oregon Blackberry, Pinot Noir, and Oregon Chardonnay to try. All the ladies loved the Oregon Blackberry the most!!!  New Yorkers do not have access to blackberries. They are expensive in the store. Meanwhile,  blackberries grow like wild since they are thorny weeds in Oregon. The group are not red wine drinkers so they did not like the Pinot Noir at all. The chardonnay was sweet with a vanilla aftertaste. They liked the chardonnay but the Oregon Blackberry was the front runner. I am excited for the vineyard that their products were so well received! I was energized and would love to help them find a New York distributor for their wine.

The Oregon Blackberry wine bottles go for $20 each plus shipping.  A case of 12 gets a 15% discount.

Until their website is up and running, orders can be placed at:

HV Cellars
Terry Luce
Cell 1-541-294-8577
Office 1-541-572-0251

I am thrilled with their products so wanted to share. Mention that you got the contact information from my blog.  They would love to know that!

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Leslie M. Jasper

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