Sunday, October 12, 2014

Career Discussion With Girls Today Leaders Tomorrow in Valley Forge, PA Had an Impact!!

Hello Everyone!!

I wanted to share with you about my recent trip to Pennsylvania this weekend. I traveled with a fellow union electrician and friend, Amber Ray, to the Valley Forge Girls Scouts Headquarters on Saturday.  We spoke to girls involved in the Girls Today Leaders Tomorrow mentoring program.  We were invited by AFL-CIO Philly Rep, Nicole Fuller, to speak about our electrical careers to a group of 100 young ladies.  My friend was very nervous about how we would work out on speaking together for the first time (she didn't want to screw up). I think we covered a lot of ground in 30 minutes and gave the girls a view of what they would expect.

We spoke about our careers, how much money and benefits you can make in the trade, what to expect, and how to conduct themselves. Their personal biz should be kept private since that molds their working reputation. We spoke about using humor to help deal with negative coworkers.  Another important topic would be to never give up or give anyone the satisfaction of quitting. We told them men will give you a pass if you work hard and as a team.  Learn very aspect of the job and become the smartest member of the crew.

I spoke about the teen version of my book and passed out promo material. I am hoping for a review on my book.  I felt just as empowered giving young girls tips on how to enter our trade and how to navigate. I thank those people who asked us to speak to the girls. I would love to inspire others at venues in the future. I felt welcomed by Nicole and Emily at the event.  I look forward to working with Nicole on other events in the future! It was a great day and I hope we impacted a young woman's life!!


Leslie M Jasper

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