Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Good Read- Okay, So You're Dead by Cindy Grogan

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I got a book in the mail yesterday and read it the same day.  It is entitled, Okay, So You're Dead..A Sassy Guide to the Afterlife by Cindy Grogan.  I posted a review on Amazon for the book. 

An overview of the book:

Do the dead still like karaoke, Twister and espresso? How are they speaking to us every day -- and how can we recognize the messages? Where do pets go when they cross over? What happens after a death from a terminal illness, suicide or unexpected tragedy? Cindy Grogan, The Sensible Psychic shares the answers to her most-asked questions about death, dying and the afterlife. It's a lively, fascinating guide that will dispel some myths and give you fresh perspective on the journey all of us will take one day. This book offers a fascinating look at karma, reincarnation, soul groups, spirit guides, angels and much, much more. The Sensible Psychic has drawn on her decades of experience in the spirit realm to provide healing, humor and comfort in this down-to-earth book. A perfect field guide for anyone who's died. Or plans to.

Here is my review on Amazon:

By Bootsie on April 16, 2014
Verified Purchase 
I walked a few miles while reading this great book last night! It is a quick read filled with wit and humor that's infused appropriately into a serious topic about the afterlife. I enjoyed learning about the Karmic Lessons chapter and examples of loved ones passing peacefully was indeed comforting. I sit with Cindy periodically for readings so I was very interested in reading her book since I appreciate her humor and guidance. She is indeed a clear channel to passed loved ones and a guide for future life events. I advise picking up a copy since you are certain to walk away with a sense of reassurance regarding the end of life and some good takeaway points from the book!
Here is the Amazon link to the book:
I wanted to share this book with my blog readers in case this topic is of interest.  Thanks for reading and speak to you soon!
Leslie M. Jasper

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