Monday, April 14, 2014

Book Talk at George Fischer Middle School in Carmel, New York!!

Hello eveyone!

I had a wonderful experience talking to the students in Ms. Smith's class at George Fischer Middle School!!!  They were a bright group of talented kids!  Some future plumbers, electricians, actresses, models, and some rocket scientists!! They were a pleasure to chat with about my teen version of my book!!!  They are so excited to read about my book!  That feature gave me tremendous amounts of energy and excitment!!!  I gave out copies of the book for the class to read my story!  It should inspire them and challenge them to think that smart and strong boys and girls are capable of doing anything they want to do in life!

The entire class will be reading my book and posting on my blog their thoughts about the different chapters.  I will be posting pictures and comments from students.  They will also be providing fantastic and thorough reviews of the book for Amazon and Barnes & Noble!!  I am excited to exchange and chat with them during the reading process!

I do plan on attending the Mt. Vernon Career Day event being held on May 2nd!  I was invited recently to attend and it would be an honor to inspire students about my field of work!!

The kids can follow me at LeslieMJasper on instagram.  They vowed to interact with me and start a discussion about the book! :) Super excited to hear their feedback.  The book should be inspiring and funny.

As always, thanks for reading my blog!  I look forward to the review process with the students! Take care and will write soon!

Leslie M. Jasper

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