Friday, April 4, 2014

Reaching Out to Local New York High Schools- Available for Book Talks!!

Hello everyone!

Yes, we are coming up on the weekend!  It is a good mental hurdle.  However, it never means that I kick my feet up and do nothing.  I am not wired that way.  I can only lounge around if I am sick or physically located on a beautiful island somewhere tropical.  I am in the middle of job hunting for a project manager position for a NYC electrical contractor.  In addition, I will be joining the Home Guru Team for William Raveis out of Yorktown Heights, New York helping clients to hunt down real estate in my spare time.  I just studied for the past 2 weeks to get my real estate license that I let lapse for a few years in this recession.  Yes, writing and promoting a book is not enough of a hustle for me.  I fell behind after a few years of no work and a recession that gave me plenty of unemployment.  I did use that block of time of no work to write the book and get my MBA from Iona College.  Therefore, I must make up for lost time and now hustle.

  I am reaching out to local high schools in the New York City tri-state area about my book.  I am working on making guidance counselors aware that my book exists and can help guide teens from all walks of life.  It should let them know that even the most difficult goals can be accomplished with drive and determination.  I have a teen version and an adult version on Amazon.  The goal is to inspire young people while telling adults the raw and gritty details that happen on construction jobs.  The teen version is coming to iTunes soon.  Meanwhile, they are available in paperback/Nook/Kindle on Amazon and Barnes&Noble right now.  As always, thanks for reading my blog and checking out the book!

Leslie M. Jasper

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