Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Job in New York City as an Electrical Engineer

Hello everyone!

I am entering week #3 in my new job as an electrical engineer in New York City.  The days are long and I have alot of information to absorb.  I work for the largest electrical contractor in New York City.  We have alot of projects on our desks and many on the horizon as well!  However, I am enjoying and appreciating the opportunity that I now have in my hands!  I got the job since I have 18 years experience in the field as an electrician.  I also got the blessing of the boss who thinks I am a go-getter and capable of learning anything I set my mind to do.  I am learning right now 2D blueprints on the computer.  In the near future, I will be learning 3D blueprints.  I am looking forward to working and learning this week!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the ladies out there who are teachers and mentors to their children.  It is not an easy role but worthwhile none-the-less!  I got to enjoy the day with my boys hiking in the woods and enjoying a lunch together.  It was a great day and fabulous weather in the New York tri-state area!  I hope to follow up with more details about my job transition and the book in the near future!  I must get my rest since 4am comes really early for me! :)

Leslie M. Jasper

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