Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Kicked off the New Year by Starting to Write Volume 2!!!

Hello everyone!

I want to wish the entire world a Happy New Year!!  I would also like to acknowledge by blog readers from Europe! I am happy to see you are checking out my blog.  I am also acknowledging the readers from Russia!  Thank you so much for stopping by to read about my book!! :)

I decided to dust off the keyboard and start writing Volume 2!  After some thought, I came up with the title for Volume 2:

Construction Tales: Volume II: My Illuminated Path to Learn the Trade Continues

I decided to use that title since it is a play on electrical work and I continued to learn the trade long after I 'topped' out of my apprenticeship.  This volume will cover what it was like to work while pregnant outside in January on the railroad.  I also cover what it was like to go to work in a local county jail.  I have a new cast of characters to discuss their antics.  In addition, I plan to write about second hand accounts from other journeymen and journeywomen in Volumes 3 and 4.  I must go back to brainstorming.  Have a great week and New Year ahead!  I wish all success and good health in 2014!!

I must say that I registered my work with the Writers Guild of America, East today.  That would come in handy in the event a movie or film producer decides to put out some form of media that is based off of my book.  I must ensure that no one steals my work.  I got that tip from an actress who is reading and loves my book!  Jo Harvey Allen did say she would provide a review when she finishes my book.  I will post it when it becomes available! :)

Cheers to 2014!!
Leslie M. Jasper

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