Saturday, January 18, 2014

Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrician YouTube Videos

Hello everyone!

I must shout out and acknowledge my blog readers from Malaysia, Europe, and Asia.  I am excited to see you have an interest!  Please comment on my posts since I would love your perspective of my unique work experience!

I am going to attach links to the 2 videos that are on pertaining to my book.  The first is a promotional video to give readers an idea of what my book is about with some jobsite footage.

The second was from a recent interview that I did with host, Vinny Dacquino, on my book.  The segment is entitled, Let's Talk Writing Episode 69 Leslie Jasper on

I thank everyone for reading my blog! My book is available in paperback and for Kindle, Nook, iPad at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and iTunes!

Leslie M. Jasper

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