Friday, January 24, 2014

Back Cover for Construction Tales: Volume II: My Illuminated Path to Learn the Trade Continues..

I just met up with my writer's group last night to read my back cover for Volume 2.  I decided to share it with my blog readers so that you get an idea of what Volume 2 will be about! :)

In my last volume, I took you on a sheetrock-dusted journey to see what it was like to become a female electrician’s apprentice.  You got to experience, through my eyes, my challenges and triumphs during my  5½-year trade school program.  You also got a sample of what it is like to work with my crazy co-workers.  The beauty of my trade is that you get to keep meeting new and interesting electricians as well as other tradesmen and tradeswomen.  The different people within each trade adds to the vibe and energy found on the job.  I have many more stories to tell you, from the past twelve years, since gaining journeywoman status.  This is exactly why I am able to write this second volume.

In this latest jobsite memoir, I will take you through what it was like to work outside on the railroad tracks while pregnant in the winter.  I even worked in the local county jail.  My partner and I were nearly attacked and managed to get pepper sprayed in jail while corrections officers were trying to take down an inmate.  I will walk you through a near fist fight while on a big deck job where a monocot sprayer underestimated me.  You will even know what it is like to encounter a long stint of unemployment during a recession.  The best stories are the behaviors of co-workers when there is a long unemployment period on the line.  I am quite certain the behaviors of worried employees are not contained within the construction industry.  Be prepared to laugh and strain your neck from shaking your head so much…
Stay tuned!
Leslie M. Jasper

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