Saturday, June 20, 2015

New York's Construction Tales Coming to San Francisco June 26-29th!!

Hello everyone! The book is coming to the ALA Book Conference next weekend in San Francisco, CA. It will be in Booth 2701 with The Combined Book Exhibit's New Title Showcase. The book and video trailer will be at the event. I look forward to any positive feedback from readers about the book! If anyone attends the event, please shout me out on Facebook!! Anyone who takes a picture with the book and shows me on any of my social media sites, I will mail you a copy of the book! As always, thank you for stopping by. I am going to share one of my pictures as a first year apprentice back in early 1996. I will have 20 years in the business in December. Thanks again for reading! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper (Stakley)

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