Friday, October 21, 2016

The Breakthrough by Carla Marrero!

hello everyone! I want to share with you some work by a fellow author and illustrator, Carla Marrero. Carla is an art teacher in Massachusetts. It is very important to help promote the work of people that you work with on projects. Her book is called, The Breakthrough. I enjoyed talking with her and checking out her work. We were talking about my book. She was interested in reading my book. I sold a copy to her to read. I told her that I was interested in creating the children's version of my book, Construction Tales. I am very interested in seeing what she creates through what I develop. Now that I have an illustrator on board, I need to create the book. I envision a young girl who wants to do things different than playing with dolls. Her dad believes in her and encourages her to pick up a trade; something she was born to do. The beauty is that her dad saw it in her before she saw it herself. It mimicks my teen years where my dad truly believed in me. He had me doing things that I didn't even know that I was capable of as a kid and a teenager. He had me learning bolt sizes, watching him do mechanical work, and fetching him tools. He serviced 24 tractor trailers in his shop. At any given moment, he would send me out to start up one of the trucks and back it into the bays for service. The clutch was so heavy and I had to remember the different shift patterns in the truck. I had so much pressure on me for a young woman at the age of 14 years old. However, I felt that my dad needed me so I was super carful and backed them in perfectly! I didn't realize the magnitude of what he was laying on the line at the time! He could have gotten fired or sued for letting me drive them into the bays!! I think the owner must have known that I was doing the driving. The guys in the shop had alot of faith in me too! I had a few of them let me drive the trucks on the highway on a run to load the truck with wood chips. The owner gave me a big chunk of money for my work at the end of the summer going into senior year. It helped me pay for senior pictures and other items you buy senior year. My dad used to have me hunt and chop wood with him. There was nothing off limits for me. My childhood and relationship with my father is what helped me jump into a male dominated career with no second thoughts. My youth will be the basis for the book. I am hoping to inspire young girls to walk in my shoes and enter a great career in a trade with no fear or hesitation. I will offer some clips once I get it on some paper. I encourage feedback on all of my posts. As always, thank you for stopping by my blog and checking it out! Enjoy your weekend!! Check out Carla's work: Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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