Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Pep Talk Given to A Fellow Tradeswoman Receiving Jobsite Harassment

Hello everyone! I am sharing a pep talk given to a fellow tradeswoman who was experiencing a difficult time with coworkers on the construction site. I was moved by what she wrote and wanted to share. I wish I had someone to convey these thoughts when I was dealing with the worst parts of my career working in the field. As one guy used to say to me, "Sexual harassment starts for Leslie at 7:01am". I endured plenty in my 21 year career as a journeywoman electrician. I combatted alot of the nonsense with tons of humor. You must learn how to manage plenty of poor behavior working as a woman in construction. Enjoy this pep talk I am sharing: Sometimes when you are harassed at work, you text your girl on break, and she gives you a pep talk. This was a particularly good one, so I'll leave it here, and anyone who needs a pep talk can refer to it: "You make some of the men you work with angry. They don't like you because you're capable. They don't like you because you're smart. They don't like you because knowing that you can do their job makes them feel worthless. They don't like you because they know you go home every night to a wife who loves you -- they don't like you because you have everything they thought only men should have. That's just true. But that makes you STRONGER than they are, not weaker. They are hobbled by their short-sightedness and their entitlement. You are free. He wanted to see you uncomfortable. And that's ALL HE GETS. Because otherwise, he's fucking pathetic. He needs you to feel okay about himself. You don't need SHIT from him. So you are going to look him in the eye and you are going to remember that, every single time he lashes out: He needs you to feel bad so that he can feel okay. But if he was blown into outer space tomorrow, you wouldn't know the goddamn difference. YOU are the one with the power. Because he has been taught to compare himself to other people as a man. Being a man is all about comparing yourself to others and trying to be on top or as close to the top as you can be, and sometimes, if you have bad self esteem, you have to really kick the people you think are at the bottom of the ladder, just so you make sure you're not coming in last. But you don't give a shit about him or his feelings. None of that matters. That's what makes you MORE powerful. So you gotta clean yourself up, take some deep breaths, and remember to let him wash right over you. His bullshit means nothing because YOU DON'T NEED HIM TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. You already ARE good. Just remember how much messing with you matters to him. You don't want him to get what he wants, right? Keep your cool and carry on. I love you and you're doing a good job." Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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