Thursday, January 28, 2016

Short Story- Construction Tales: Volume 2: My Illuminated Path Continues...

Hello everyone! Funny jobsite story (coming to Volume 2): I'm working on a job where we are installing 4 inch rigid pipe. I have been there a few months and discover I am pregnant. I know I have to keep my mouth shut about it for as long as possible. I want to work until I can't do it anymore. My goal was to have my child and do my much needed carpal tunnel surgery. I used to hang my hands off the side of the bed to sleep (would go numb all night). I already knew this was going to be the most difficult thing to do in life. I'm sitting in the back of the job truck going to the site one morning. The foreman was driving. He decides to start digging into me about my weight. Here he starts, "You know you need to start watching what you eat. You are gaining so much weight and it is not healthy! Your face alone is getting so huge! Your a pretty girl and you are ruining your body!" My reply, "you are so right!" He comes at me again, "No, really! You need to stop shoving Twinkies and other kinds of junk food in your face!" I feel the burning need to take a piece of pipe to the back of his head! I probably said something along the lines of missing his calling as a fitness coach with Richard Simmons. I kept my mouth shut and just smiled. Almost a year later, I run into him at a Christmas party. His approach, "I had no idea you were pregnant! Congrats on the baby boy!" Thanks for the well wishes- #dumbbitch #thinkbeforeyouspeak Construction Tales: My Illuminated Path Continues... (Under Construction) I will share a few as I go back to writing Volume 2 of Construction Tales. Have a great day! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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