Sunday, January 17, 2016

Office Coworker Reading Teen Version on Construction Tales

Hello everyone! My coworker in the office at Five Star Electric has agreed to read the teen version of my book. I have been working in the office in New York City for almost two years now. I am starting to connect with people in the office. Their eyes on my book will offer a different perspective since they are within the industry yet not in the field. My newest work pal, Jackie, has agreed to help me and read the teen version of my book. I gave it to her in exchange for a review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I am happy with Jackie helping me out. It means alot to me so I am grateful for her help! I have given a few copies of my book to some people. Not one of them has returned the favor to offer a review for the book. It bothers me that people accept things and do not offer what they promise in return. This is why I am thrilled she is honoring her promise to read the book! Jackie is up to 3 chapters as of yesterday. Here is Jackie's initial review: Reading my friend Leslie's book. She gives her perspective as a female electrician in a male-dominated industry. Leslie provides her personal advice and tips & tricks for being a successful electrician working in the trade. I'm up to chapter 3 and enjoying her blunt, honest and straightforward writing style. There's no sugar-coating in this book. She gives her readers the real deal of what to expect in the workplace. When Jackie offers more of her review, I will share! As always, thank you for checking out my blog! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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