Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Short Story From A Local #3 IBEW Sister From The 1980's

Hello everyone! I am sharing a short story from a fellow Local #3 IBEW sister! A story from me........In 1982, while I was an apprentice in LU #3, NYC electrical union, we were outside Grand Central Station eating lunch. A few of the guys were giving compliments to some of the women walking by. Nothing nasty, but hey, you are very pretty....things like that. So I told the guys that when I saw a man I thought worthy of my attention, I would say something. 10 minutes later I finally saw a man and I said, hey, I think you are nice looking and would love to talk to you. Well, this man turned around, walked over to me and said, were you talking to me? I froze up and said no. The guys never let me forget how I had my chance and blew it. I expected him to keep walking like all the women. Anyway, I have not thought of that in a long time and thought I would share. Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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