Saturday, May 16, 2015

Book Trailer for 2015 Book Expo America To Be Shown in NYC May 2015!

Hello everyone! Here is the link to my book that is available worldwide on Amazon. I just did a book trailer with The Combined Book Exhibit. They will be showing it for me at the 2015 Book Expo America here in New York City the end of this month. I will have the book on display as well. I am looking forward to seeing it at the book fair on display. It has been loaded up onto YouTube as well. Here is the YouTube video link: I am still reading Hard Hatted Women. I plan to finish the book soon. I will then take the time to digest the book with you all. It is important to gain other perspectives by fellow women in the trade. It enriches my knowledge and strengthens my position on the subject. Every once in awhile, I realize that I am indeed a part of history. It needs to be written down or it will get lost or time. I got to meet, via Facebook, the editor of Hard Hatted Women, Molly Martin. I plan to finish the book and read the other 2 books written by women in the trades next. I can't wait to read about women plumbers from England!! They own an all female plumbing company! Stay tuned for that review!! I'm off to do my chores! I plan to drop off a copy of the teen version of my book to a library in Rhode Island today. I have many more locations to drop off my book if they are willing! Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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