Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Book I'm Planning on Writing- Transcending Against All Odds

Hello everyone I wanted to share with you all my recent project that I plan to write. I started to write my second volume, Construction Tales: My Illuminated Path Continues... However, after speaking to a few people, I decided to change gears. My books on women in construction are unique in nature. I've been told literary agents do not know who my audience would be composed of. Taking a risk on the unknown is a fear in the movie and book industry. I had a tv producer interested. He said he received no negative feedback from his movie contacts. However, they are successful re-hashing cop and fireman shows. Not a risk they are willing to take. I was advised to write a different type of book in order to gain an agent. It seems like a good decision since it is good to go in a different direction and tap into a different type of reader base. My book that I plan to write will be entitled,Transcend Against All Odds. My son, Tom, came up with the title. He says it describes our lives growing up together. I married his father young who also died when Tom was a baby. I had a difficult road to survive and keep our heads above water. His goal is for us to get matching tattoos that say that. I asked him what he thought of the title. He was flattered and honored that I would use the title. He knows quite well that my childhood was difficult in nature. The book will be based on my childhood. However, I will be making the book a work of fiction. This book will cover a young girl's life path enduring an abusive home life. This little girl watched her mother receive regular beatings from her father. This girl grew up poor with parents who were also neglected as kids. The little girl had parents who were selfish in nature and did not know how to express love. The little girl goes through a divorce that rocks her world. Despite the abusive home life, she knew the transition disrupted her fragile sense of security. The girl encounters jealous and strict step parents. This young woman escapes her abusive home life in exchange for a military career. I am hoping it will be a book many people can relate to with their own lives. Then readers may be open to reading my Construction Tales books. I'm off to do some weekend chores now. Thanks for reading my blog as usual! Cheers! Leslie M. Jasper

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