Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Co-worker Reading Construction Tales-Provide Review as He Reads

Hello everyone! I work with a rather funny coworker who discovered that I wrote a book from other coworkers. He ran over to me and eagerly bought my book as soon as he heard the rumor. I told him I want a review. Better yet, I will pick his brain as he reads it. He is up to page 8 currently. He was surprised to learn that I was in the military. He said he can see my personality in the first few pages. He is looking forward to reading it since he likes my lively personality. He says that he has a sense of who I am. He is looking forward to gaining more insight as he reads more of the book. I will give him the nickname of Chief Sitting Bull. This is what comes to mind when I see him. He will surely get a kick out of his nickname. I look forward to following him on this journey of discovery of Construction Tales. Stay tuned for Chief Sitting Bull's book review. As always, thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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