Thursday, November 20, 2014

Book Review Update- Chief Sitting Bull

Hello everyone! I met up with Chief Sitting Bull to ask him how the book reading process is coming along. I am following a coworker in the office who reads my book daily at lunch. I told him he is famous all over the world due to his decision to read the book and give daily feedback. This overview has covered his reading for the past two days. He was fond of reading about these two journeymen electricians on a job. I was the apprentice on the job and would work with either man during the day. They had two totally different approaches to their work day. They happened to have the same name so one was coined ‘hard’ and the other as ‘soft’. Chief Sitting Bull was taken aback by their approach when dealing with me on the job. At first, Chief Sitting Bull thought they were not aware of a major life changing event that happened to me earlier that year (must read the book to find that out). I revealed that they all indeed did know of what happened to me. Chief Sitting Bull did not approve of how they behaved towards me. I told him that was how the business was during that time. Their sentiment was that I was a woman in a man’s world. I didn’t belong in their world. Just because I had a major tragedy occur, it was not an excuse to slack off. They were very tough on me. That form of tough love did whip me into shape. I knew that readers would not be fond of their treatment towards me. He then told me he is reading the Big Job chapter. He loves reading about this character, named Tazz. His other favorite character is Stacey and her crazy antics. He says their behavior in the book is right on track with what his expectations of what construction workers are like. He told me he looks forward to reading the book at lunch time. I am going to harass him later today after lunch to see how the reading is going. I think my daily badgering has motivated him to read even more. He finds me funny at work and looks forward to reading more to get his additional doses of humor. It makes for great discussions at work! I will give you the scoop either later today or tomorrow on Chief Sitting Bull’s continued book progress. Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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