Sunday, May 18, 2014

Construction Tales is Coming to Book Expo America in New York City, NY- May 29-31, 2014!!

Hello everyone!

I hope people had a great weekend and ready to start the new work week!  Mine was a mix of social fun and productivity!  I wanted to give a heads up that my book will appear at the upcoming New Book Title Showcase that will be at the upcoming Book Expo America.  This massive venue is being held in New York City at the end of this month.  Here is the link to the New Title Showcase:

According to The Combined Book Exhibit, the New Title Showcase exhibit has moved from its previous location in the Crystal Palace Lobby to the Show Floor, Booth #3005, near the Downtown Stage.  I am looking forward to taking a trip down there to see my book on the shelves (if not too costly to get a ticket).  I am looking forward to getting some feedback on the exhibit!  Enjoy your Sunday and speak to you soon!  As always, I am thankful that you stopped by to read my blog! :)


Leslie M. Jasper

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