Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Story From The Construction Tales Series!

Hello everyone! Here is a short chapter clip from the book series known as Construction Tales: Construction Tales short story- We were doing boring things in a small shop I worked for during my 5th year of my apprenticeship. We moved our shop from one location to another. During the move to the new space, I noticed an empty gumball machine. After walking past it a few times, I stopped to check it out. The date on it was from 12 or so years ago! No one is coming back for it! I wonder how much money is in it?? After wrestling with the devil and angel, I dragged it into the shop. I pulled out my drill and sawzall and went to work on it. I did get help from a few coworkers. One helped hold it while I cut the back out. Another coworker helped me dump the "dead soldier". I even got busted cutting it open by both of my bosses! Known in the shop afterwards as "bulletproof". For the rest of the story, check out my book on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and iTunes! www.lesliemjasper.blogspot.com Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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