Sunday, February 28, 2016

Topic- Domestic Violence

Hello everyone! I was promoting Construction Tales on different Facebook pages. I stumbled upon one that dealt with the subject of domestic violence against women. I was very pleased to see a page dedicated to that subject. I dealt with that as a child watching my father get angry and abusive towards my mother, sisters, myself, and my step-mother. I plan to write a book aboot it some day. It has always brought on fear once I would hear a man's voice get loud. I felt that violence was sure to follow. I usually keep my distance once I hear the voice escalating. I am a grown woman and that bothers me to hear yelling at work. It is something that once you experience that type of violence, it never goes away. As an adult, that is still a hot subject to me. I won't allow that in my home. I have two boys that I would not tolerate hearing any form of violence towards their girlfriends or wives! I witnessed an episode, over the phone with my sister, years ago of my sister getting abused by a boyfriend. I got on the phone with my mother and made her go get my sister and pack her things. I would have kept on her until she was out of the house. Thank goodness she got out of that relationship after that night and has had a loving husband for many years. That is an absolute deal breaker in a relationship for me! I have only been in one relationship that had turned sour like that. I was a young 18 year old girl with few relationships under my belt. I ended up getting into violent matches with him, at times. I would never let a man just hit me without hitting him back. We would end up a bruised and bloodied mess once we were done fighting. We both ended up with wounds from that since I would not back down. It was hard to get away from that situation since I loved him. However, I ended up getting out of that situation. I made sure to get out of that situation and to never get in something like that ever again. I think one of the best ways of avoiding those kinds of situations would be to make your ownn money. If you make your own money, you can be the captain of your own ship. Then you can screen men to see if they come from good backgrounds and don't have a history of violence. Oftentimes, women try to get involved with man since they must depend on them financially. If you make your own money, you can pick or choose who you want to be with long term. It is important for a man to know that you don't need him and he must work to keep you. If a man puts his hand up once in anger, he will do it again and again. It helps being strong too. I know most men would not want to get hitt back by me since I would pack a mean punch. Seriously, you must be willing to look for signs and be willing to leave at the first sign of violence. It could save your life and the life of your children. I hope to inspire at least one woman to reach out to the apprentice office of a trade they want to enter. Wait for the intake of apprentices and apply. Then jump through the hoops and start your career in the trades. Once you finish your apprenticeship, you are on the road to independance and a life where you can call the shots. Then you can pick and choose who you want to be in your life. I am rooting for you on your road to achieving independence. Best of luck! Have a great Sunday! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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