Saturday, February 6, 2016

Comedy Night in the Bronx- An Event For Charity!

Hello everyone, I had a great time last night at a comedy event last night in the Bronx, NY. It was hosted last night in the Galaxy Party Hall by Papito and Awilda Vasquez family along with comedian, Ron Snipes. They rent the space for all kinds of events. You can book events through logging onto their website Different family members between the Vasquez and Bobe families rolled up their sleeves to make this event happen. The venue, food, and drinks created a great atmosphere! It was very generous and kind for them to put together this event. The mother coming up on the stage to thank the crowd was very touching to everyone in the room. It made the crowd melt with emotion due to her energy- filled with passion, gratitude, and love. It does make you think that life is more than earning a paycheck and satisfying material wants. If you can each dedicate a small slice of your time and money, that effort can be life changing for a family in need! I wish them well and much healing on the journey of life! The four comedians who stepped on the stage were very funny! They include: Ron Snipes Edgar Rivera Imagine Eric Nievea Music by DJ J Hayes I know I got lots of their antics. However, I am sure a few skits went over my head since I am a snowflake. I get along with the humor and can relate since I have been around my ex's Spanish family and other friends for over 10 years. I captured 12 videos from their stand up acts. I placed them on my YouTube video page. I will update the contact info of the comedians who helped mold this charity event together- if it becomes available. I enjoyed sitting with the table of friends. I brought my work buddy to the event. He enjoyed himself. The friends all have children who have been best friends with each other since middle school. I will add more to this blog if I get a chance! Here is the link to my YouTube video page: As always, thank you for checking out my blog on a woman working as a female electrician in New York. My book Construction Tales is available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and iTunes! ! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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