Sunday, December 21, 2014

I'm Engaged for Christmas 2015!!!

Hello everyone! I want to share that I am officially engaged to Curtis Stakley! We are planning on getting married in September of 2015 at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. I have no idea any details other than the venue. I am hoping to keep it as simple as possible. I would just elope but my family wants to see me get married. I did elope at 18 years old just out of the military. My sister and other family members remind me that I didn't let them experience watching me get married. Anyone who has read the book knows my husband died in a motorcycle accident back in 1996. It took me many years to get my mind right in order to date again. I never figured I would get married again. I would have never guessed in a million years that my boyfriend would become my husband. After experiencing the trials of a young marriage and an untimely death, my mind was closed off to ever doing that again. He is one special guy to break through that wall. I have to close the chapter on that experience and not allow myself to use it as the metric for what married life would be. I believe we are truly friends and partners in life.

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