Sunday, September 21, 2014

Have Construction Tales Become A Part of Your Book Club!

Hello Everyone!

I would love to see a #BookClub use Construction Tales as a part of their reading.  I would be honored and would welcome discussion.  I can even get discounted books for the #bookclub that wants to take on reading my book. I would love to hear feedback and engage with readers around the globe. I am sure what I find normal is not normal to others.

I have an older Russian electrical engineer reading my book now. He finds it fascinating how I didn't have an army's of family to help me out in my time of need after my husband died. I explained to him that my family felt I had it under control and I didn't need their help. I did need help but would never ask for help. He finds it so fascinating that trying the work didn't scare me or break me down. I'm sure he was taken back by how challenging my journey was and I didn't give up. I kept plugging along and survived.

I am planning on reaching out to more libraries to get some book talks going again for the end of 2014 and 2015. Off to do some more book marketing! Talk to you all soon!

Leslie M. Jasper

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