Wednesday, September 24, 2014

England's Crow Zone Radio- Potential Interview

Hello Everyone!

I use Twitter a lot to speak to different people about my book. I can be found using my name Leslie M Jasper. I am maxed out as far as how many people I can follow at 2,000 people. I am unsure why but that is the reason why I do not follow back. A person who operates Crow Zone Radio has been chatting with me about potentially discussing my book.  Crow Zone Radio discusses books and broadcast out of England. They have to clear it with their boss, Mrs. HBZ, before proceeding further. I am excited at the prospect of reaching readers globally. I will keep you posted if I do an interview with them. They have a Wednesday book club at 9pm UK time (4pm New York EST). They have live and recorded shows and can be found at to check them out!

I was also speaking, Via Twitter, to a library up in Canada about coming up for a book talk. The Grimsby Library is located in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. They are close to the U.S. Border. I told them I would love to take a trip up there. I would need to contact other local libraries and set up a Canadian book tour. I am willing to travel most anywhere if there is reader interest. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss the book or host a book talk. I would be honored to receive an invite.

Off to Miami for some R&R. I will still blog and keep up on my social media since I can't contain the news of my book!! Thanks for stopping to read my blog as always!!

Leslie M Jasper

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