Friday, August 8, 2014

People in Brookings, Oregon Know About My Book!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share a story my sister, Kim, recently mentioned to me.  Kim was at a country music festival in Oregon where she lives.  I also grew up in Oregon.  I left right after high school and joined the Navy.  I never returned after my service and moved to New York 20 years ago this month.  My sister was telling some neighbors, where she was camping, about my book.  The lady stopped her and said she had another friend tell her about the book already!  The lady probably did not believe my sister at first (based on her reaction).  I guess it is a small world since this woman had already knew about it before my sister could tell her.  I enjoyed the story since it pleases me that people across the United States know about the book.  Please continue to share the news about the book.  I am still waiting for comments or feedback on my social media sites or on the blog.  I would really like feedback from people outside the United States.  The feedback would be very important for me to know who would enjoy the book more!

Some of my most random thoughts and observations (trained to think like a guy, of course) can be found on Twitter.  I am a little more tame on Facebook.  I think my thoughts are a little more raw and edgy on Twitter.  Enjoy the blog and thanks for reading as always!

Cheers! (bottoms up because it is Friday bitches!!)

Leslie M. Jasper

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