Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Last House Project I Did Mainly Solo!!

hello everyone! I keep forgetting to show my last home project that I worked on mainly solo. I had help doing the tile even though I prepped by removing the old floor, a hot water baseboard install, and taping. The rest was my baby. My sons did a few guest appearances to help sheetrock. I framed and did alot of rock solo. I built a sheetrock buddy and joked with my friends that "he" was my boyfriend named, Juan Carlos. I am now done with house projects. I painted the room red then changed the color to a beige so I could put it on the market. I plan to buy house #2 at some point and work on that one. I am leaning towards a condo so work will be lighter than a house. I bought this house at 20 years old with a car accident settlement. I watched guys at work and did projects at the house. I have done some trial and errors along the way. It is highly rewarding to show off a job well done. I was getting roofing estimates years ago. A roofer came to the house and asked if my parents were home. I laughed and said that I was the homeowner...he has so uncomfortable that I was highly amused! After 22 years, it is time to move on and find another diamond in the rough. I shall see what I come up with in the future. Have a safe day at work since it is Hump Day already! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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