Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Can A Relationship Be Ruined By A Woman Being "Too Independent"??

hello everyone! I responded to a friend's question regarding being in a relationship with a woman who is fiercely independent. He asked if attempting to date a woman who is "too independent" ruins it due to her high level of independence?? I thought about it and here is my response below. Feel free to respectfully agree/disagree. I do put thought into these types of questions because they do hit home. I may have scared off many of potential suitors in my day due to their perceptions of how an independent woman operates her life. I don't believe that I missed out on life experiences since they were not meant to be. I have a wonderful man in my life who actually took the time to ask me loads of questions and gain an understanding about who I am as a woman and what makes me tick. He has then worked to systematically serve as my rock, my voice of reason, the man who compliments my flaws, and the man who views me as his treasured stone. He finds what I am capable of doing with my hands and my mind to be extraordinary and it compliments what he brings to the table. We have had some rough patches in the past 3 years and even have taken a break from each other. This was needed, in hindsight, to see if we could weather the storm and fix what was broken and move past it. In addition, it was a good moment to see if we missed each other and how much was not having each other going to impact each of us. I have had a spiritual advisor for the past 5 years now serve as my guide. It has been spot on and well worth the time and money spent. Not to mention the accuracy of her readings on points in my life!! I either see Cindy Grogan in person or chat on the phone with her to do a reading. I have developed from personal growth on learning what works for me and what doesn't work on different aspects of life. I didn't intend to speak about Cindy but her guidance on this life path of mine is instrumental and credit is due to her ability to be so on point!! Cindy Grogan lives in New Jersey and can be reached by looking up My response to dating an independent woman: An independent woman is self sufficient financially, physically, and emotionally. She would like to have that connection but she survives without it. A man comes into her life and his question is why is this woman is why is this woman "too independent" (missing alot of details)?? Instead of asking why and allowing it to be a sticking point, work to be the kind, loving, and the supportive man she needs in order unravel the layers of armour she must put on to protect her heart from the world. She is fighting for your hand to try to take over the wheel of her life. That wheel is her sense of security and way of survival. Why should she give up that power to a man who merely requests it?? You need to SHOW that you are consistent and capable of taking the wheel as a co-pilot not just being the captain. I have established my way of life and I am NOT going to give the keys to my castle to just anyone. I will never be "dependent" and ever lay in a fetal position. I do not view "independence" as a dirty word. I fully respect women who choose the "dependent" since it is risky but reaps rewards if done correctly. I have chosen to do life "the hard way" for the past 20 years. I had found no one in my travels that I felt comfy letting them take the "wheel" of my life as a co-pilot. I do have someone in my life that I am slowly offering the "keys" to the palace due to his constant work to SHOW me that he has my back. This is accomplished through being the "better road" in managing life challenges that end up panning out better than my method. His goal is to earn that spot as my "co-pilot" since I have clearly demonstrated my ability to not only be a great co-pilot but fully run the ship in the event he can't or serve as his rock during tough times. Prior to wanting to take the wheel, you need to review her life experiences and figure out if you are capable of being the physical rock in the time of need or merely speaking that you want to be one. Then, you work to consistently be the co-pilot that she needs....
Cheers! Leslie M Jasper


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