Friday, November 4, 2016

2016 NYC's Halloween Parade- The Village In Manhattan!!

hello everyone! I enjoyed checking out the costumes at the NYC Village Halloween Parade in lower Manhattan. I had to go to my college that I work at part time, Empire College. I read student portfolios mid term in the fall and spring. I give feedback on to students in an effort to help them with their writing. Alot of them take my advise. I have cultural capital since I am a fellow journeywoman. Therfore, they ask me for tips and how to do many things within the union. I have been doing my part time gig for the past five years now. I chose to spend some time reading then go check out the parade. I spent too much time reading and missed the parade. I did get to see quite a few people in costumes. I did a live video on Facebook while in a crowd. I plan to go to the parade next year. Next time I will focus on watching the parade. Here are some of the costumes that people wore down in the parade: Thanks for stopping by!! Cheers!! Leslie M Jasper

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