Thursday, July 2, 2015

Maryland and Delaware Library Association Book Fair May 6-7, 2015

Hi everyone! I just remembered that my teen version of my book was at the Maryland and Delaware Library Association book fair. It was held at the Clarion Resort Fontainbleau Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. It went down May 6-7, 2015. I was offered to put my book in the exhibit for free. I am happy for the opportunity to showcase my book. The book is intended to encourage young people from any background to go for their goals and do not let anyone stop them from achieving their goals! I am working on making the book available for iTunes as well. The book fair report can be found at The book and book trailer was at the ALA Book Conference in San Francisco, CA last weekend. I was very active on Twitter promoting the book. I think I went into overdrive since that is my speed when I want to accomplish a goal. I may have upset people by my overzealous approach to marketing. I do apologize but it was not done to upset anyone. I am going to try to finish the last 2 chapters of the book Hard Hatted Women and then blog about it. I will then announce the name of my next book I plan to read in my downtime. I must go and get some stuff accomplished. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading! Have a great holiday!! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper (Stakley)

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