Saturday, March 14, 2015

St Patrick's Union Parade White Plains, New York-Saturday March 15, 2015

Arello everyone! I'm sharing photos from a rain soaked parade I attended today in White Plains, NY. Despite the rain, brothers and sisters came out in support of our labor organization. It was great to see apprentices come in numbers to show support. The work picture for New York has been bleak since the recession. It is still important to show solidarity in bad times. I have always instilled in my boys the need to be a part of the organization. One should not walk into a place thinking others should do all the work while you all reap the benefits. After a couple years of college, my son, Tom, has decided to become an electrician like his mother. He is applying to become an apprentice this year. He may start working this summer. He will join with his good friend, Gary. My son Will have to deal with typical teasing from coworkers about telling his mom on the stuff he does or doesn't do at work. He has to do as well or better than my reputation at work. He has his work cut out for him. I told him he will have to write about going into a male-dominated trade following his mother's footsteps. That is unique and so will be his journey. Look out for his book, in the future, that will be worked on along his way through his apprenticeship. I will be very interested in his journey into this business. He said he plans to be a better electrician than me. I said I certainly hope better person to pass the torch to than my own son. Here are some photos from the parade. I'm now warm and dry since it was a wet and cold day in New York. Till I write again, have a great weekend! Cheers! Leslie M. Jasper (Stakley)

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