Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Son Tom Plans to Follow My Footsteps and Become an Electrician

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend is going well? I told my son's friend, Gary, the news about my Union taking in new apprentices. He was interested and we spoke about the benefits of becoming a member. We discussed the pros and cons of being in my line of work. I told him to save his money for when times are bad. In addition, have a side hustle or a second work plan. There will be times when there is so much overtime, you will be exhausted from it. When a recession hits, you will be scrambling odd jobs just to put food on the table. The most alluring thing about the job is the great wage, even better overtime money, and the retirement package. However, the average electrician used to collect 18 checks before dying. It is a business that abuses your body and subjects you to harmful chemicals and dust. While having this chat, my son Tom decides that he wants to become an apprentice too. He has been studying to become an EMT then a paramedic. Somewhere along the way, his passion for it has fizzled. He thinks that this might be his career path. It is his choice to make. I did tell him that his choice is unique since not many sons decide to go into construction after having their mom in the business. I cannot think of one kid whose mom is in the business. I told him his journey would be unique since his coworkers will more than likely know me. They will either keep an eye on him or use it as an opportunity to tease him. Play with their phone and threaten to call mom if he screws up is one method of teasing. More than likely he cannot complain about anything since people will say your mom did this so you can't complain. He will be expected to learn and work as hard as I did or even more so than my efforts in the field. It may be a big reason why young men decide to not follow their mother into the business. In addition, there may be some assholes who will say stuff about me to get under his skin. I am concerned about that. Another thing to consider is that my son Johnny's father is in the business. He may have to work on the same job as him. I told him to be professional and seek help from the business agent or apprentice director if a situation gets hairy due to an encounter with his former father figure. I want to believe nothing big will happen and keep my fingers crossed. I have enough good people in this business that will keep an eye on my son for me. Lots of guys may guide him just because they have seen him grow up in the union through Union functions over the years. His future apprentice director has known him since he was a toddler through various Union parades and picnics. I am pretty confident he will get in this summer. I hope he likes it and will stick with it. I told him to keep notes so he can write his own memoir on what it is like to follow in my footsteps. He may even be told stories about me that I forgot. I look forward to watching that career path. I am waiting for my oil change. I look forward to speaking to you all soon! Of course, I will give an update on his acceptance and start in this business. Cheers! Leslie M Jasper

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