Saturday, February 1, 2014

Audio Version of My Book- Coming to Audiobooks Soon! :)

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!??!!  I just set up a date to go into a recording studio and read Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman's Journey to Become an Electrician.  I want to get it recorded and loaded up for  There is a market of people who would rather hear a book than read it on the go.  I am planning to make it worldwide so anyone can hear about my journey.  I am excited to get this project complete! 

As of now, it is only offered in English.  I did put my book in an international trade fair so that if someone would like, it can get translated in different languages.  I am finding getting an international agent is a difficult task.  It is a work in progress since I am sure people outside the US would find my story interesting.  Okay, I will let you know, of course, when my audio version becomes available on or any other means of getting it on the market.  Thanks for reading (love my readers from Europe and! :) )!!

Leslie M. Jasper

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