Monday, February 9, 2015

Construction Tales- To Become a Webisode!/Reading Hard Hatted Women- A Compilation of Jobsite Stories Told by Women!!

Hello everyone! I am excited to share some news that I received on Friday!! I had met up with a woman outside of Los Angeles, two summers ago, while taking an OSHA 500 course. She is a student in film school out in Los Angeles. Come to find out, she was interested in my project. She has to produce a few webisodes and submit them to a Hollywood studio for feedback and a grade. I have not heard from her in a while. She just called me to tell me she is going to work on my project next! She needs me to create an overview of the book while covering who each character is and how life was like as a female helper in construction. I must get it ready for her by February 21, 2015 so she can present it to her team. She is excited to start the project. I am excited to see the final results. The feedback from Hollywood will be what I am real interested to see. I cannot reveal much more information than that at the moment. I need to get to work on creating Volume 2. I started writing it then stopped. I have a lot on my plate that involves moving, getting married, and getting my house ready to sell on the real estate market. I am going through a lot of change that is positive. Therefore, writing has been put on hold for the moment. I would like to try to do some writing when I go away in a few weeks on vacation. We shall see if I end up doing that or not. I started reading Hard Hatted Women. It is a compilation of stories shared by women from different trades. The struggles they faced were from the 80’s and before. I plan to digest the book and then write about it here in the blog. Their stories do reflect my experiences. However, I think their experiences were way more intense than mine. I will discuss in more detail when I finish reading. I have 2 other books written by women in construction that I plan to read and share as well. It will help me when I am writing Volume 2 of Construction Tales. Well, off to work on a cold and snowy/freezing rain kind of day in New York City. It is warm in my office so I cannot complain. No more working outside for me is my goal. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog! It is much appreciated! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper (Stakley)

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