Tuesday, January 13, 2015

IPR License Ad- New Delhi Book Fair

Hello everyone! I am thinking of placing the book in an ad for IPR License Magazine. IPR License is out of England. I am signed up with them to promote the book on a global scale. I am hoping that people from another country would be interested in the book. I am open to translating it into different languages and any other opportunity. I am going to see if it is indeed 50% off price for the ad. It will be at the New Delhi Book Fair in India. I am hoping to tape in the Indian market or the Asian market. I will see which book fairs are coming up and attempt to reach out internationally. If any agents read my blog, I am open to exploring many different avenues. I will keep you posted if I end up signing up as well as the finished product. Here is an example of the last ad I placed in IPR License Magazine. It was at the German Book Fair back in October 2014. Everyone stay warm and read lots of books (including mine)! Cheers! Leslie M Jasper-Stakley (soon)

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